'I'd Rather Play Golf': Kerri-Anne Kennerley Refuses To Do Challenge

The Queen of the camp caused quite a stir in camp and online after abandoning Aesha Scott at a trial.

On Tuesday, the Australian people voted in record numbers to select Kerri-Anne for another Tucker Trial. Almost immediately, KAK was letting her campmates know that she would not be participating in the trial.

Bracing for the worst, her fellow celebs debated if she indeed would say those magic words, 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' before even beginning the trial.

Standing alongside KAK was Aesha Scott, who was practically buzzing with excitement having also been voted into the trial. With completely opposite outlooks, they arrived to see what was waiting for them.

A series of portable toilets were lined up, each with various booby traps like explosive vomit, disgusting slime and even a collection of electric wires delivering shocks. The pair had 10 minutes to dig through the loos to find a series of lost objects in order to win stars.

But after Chris and Julia explained what the trial entailed, KAK had no interest in giving it a try.

Asking outright if she would take part, Chris and Julia watched as KAK simply responded, "I'd rather play golf". But it took her saying the magic words for her to be ushered out of the trial and directly back to camp.

"The rules do state if you don't take part in the trial, you head back to camp," Julia explained.

"Tell everyone I'll be home with supper," a cheery Aesha said as KAK began her journey back to camp, without any of her makeup smudged.

The hosts explained that Aesha could attempt the whole trial by herself -- which the Below Deck star did with her signature enthusiasm for toilets.

Kerri-Anne left Aesha behind to tackle the challenge solo, and she passed with flying colours... of spew.

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Not only did Aesha attempt the trial but she completely crushed it, winning a full suite of stars. Sadly, due to KAK pulling the plug, Chris and Julia explained that the camp would only receive half the stars won in the challenge, meaning they'd only get six and a half stars worth of dinner that night.

Returning to camp, Kerri-Anne broke the news to the other celebs that she had refused to take part.

"I don't think you'll be too surprised to know I decided not to get sprayed with crap," KAK told the camp, explaining that she tried to stay and watch Aesha as a bare minimum.

While there was a chorus of understanding nods from the camp, many were clearly upset that she didn't even attempt the challenge before uttering those words.

"It definitely felt like there was an element of entitlement when KAK didn't do the challenge," Harry Garside admitted later in the Tok Tokkie. "I understand she's TV royalty but at the same time, we've all come in here and we're all equals and I just can't fathom in my own brain... she wouldn't even try."

But as the old saying goes, revenge is a dish best served... in the jungle. And as Chris and Julia arrived to let the campers know who would be going into the season's very first eating trial, it was Dicko, Woody, Dom and none other than Kerri-Anne.

Will she call it before she chews it? We can't wait to see how this turns out.

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