‘I Really Am Into Poo’: Aesha Scott Shocks Campmates With Toilet Fascination

When the topic of camp chores came up, no one was more ready to volunteer than Aesha.

The Below Deck star is no stranger to working hard for a living, having to bend to the whims of the rich and the even richer on the luxury yacht as Chief Stew. 

During her time on Below Deck Mediterranean where audiences were first introduced to Aesha, she described herself as having “the work ethic of someone who’s in their 30s, the body of someone in their 20s and the mind of a boy going through puberty”. 

So it probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that when the topic of camp chores came up, especially the role of emptying the camp facilities, Aesha’s hand shot into the air as she bellowed, “Poo! I love poo, I really am into poo”.

Joining forces with Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry, Aesha told her fellow celebs they had decided they were “toilet people” and were not just happy to perform the duty of cleaning out the long and short drops, but were excited to do so.

Well, Nathan was excited to do so -- admitting that he was "on a high" from arriving in the jungle when he originally agreed to take on the task with Aesha.

Unperturbed, Aesha said, “I am very proud to take on this long drop, short drop role. I think I’m going to do it very well, I’m going to make my parents proud.”

She then recalled a somewhat graphic story, tracing her ‘enjoyment’ of excrement back to when she was about eight years old. It’s a story infamous to any fans of Below Deck Mediterranean where she first told the tale.

“I stuck my finger up my bum,” she said before clarifying to Nathan, “I wanted to feel how poo came out, so I put it up until I touched the end of the log and then I traced it out and I was like, oh yeah that’s how poo comes out.”

It wasn't the only time Aesha's obsession with the loo had eyebrows raised, during breakfast she asked her campmates if they could "use the oats" that are in the toilets. Sadly, that was sawdust, so the toilet oats are off the menu... for now.

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