Australian Survivor Brains V Brawn: Queen Hayley Leake Crowned Winner For 2021

Hayley Leake has won the title of Sole Survivor after a gruelling 48 days.

After winning the final Immunity Challenge, and securing her place in the final Tribal Council, it all came down to who Hayley would sit next to when she would face the Jury. Standing at the final three alongside Flick Palmateer and George Mladenov, Hayley handpicked King George himself to sit next to.

In the landslide victory, Hayley received seven of the nine votes up for grabs from the jury.

Arguably two of the most electrifying players this season, Hayley and George both had exceptional resumes when it came to their very different approaches to the game of Survivor.

In her final pitch to the Jury, Hayley reflected on how “genuinely proud” she was of the game she played.

While George played a bombastic and chaotic game of sabotage and subterfuge, it was Hayley’s multi-layered approach to the game that secured her the final title of Sole Survivor.

Not just a savvy player when it came to the multiple big moves she had a hand in orchestrating, Hayley also ended up winning Individual Immunity four times.

And then there was her not-so-Hidden Immunity Idol that carried her through three separate Tribal Councils, despite everyone on her tribe knowing about it.

But her game did have some rough patches; after a few of her big moves drew a target on her back, Hayley was ultimately voted out of the game and sent to Redemption Rock. Admitting that it was a wake-up call to her game, Hayley won back her place back in the game where she made a shift away from big moves and focused on her physical game.

“I know that this game is about outwitting socially, outlasting physically and outplaying strategically,” Hayley told the Jury, “I think I am the one person left here who has done all three of those things really, really well and I’m really grateful and proud that I’m still here.”

Showing her finesse at a well-crafted physical and social game, the Jury had no choice but to crown the queen, earning her the title of Sole Survivor for 2021.

Long may she reign!