Australian Survivor Blood V Water: Mark Wales Wins Sole Survivor

In a unanimous vote, the entire jury voted for Mark Wales to be crowned Sole Survivor for 2022.

For the first time in Australian Survivor, rather than a final two, for Blood V Water’s very last tribal council the Jury were presented with three former tribemates, all vying for the top spot and the honour of being crowned Sole Survivor.

After Shay, Chrissy and Mark were able to vote Josh out right before final Tribal, the trio then had an even bigger challenge ahead of them: convincing the Jury why they were the correct person to win this season, and the $500,000 prize that comes with the glory.

With three very different pitches, the final three all voiced how they perceived their game, the justifications for the moves they made, and what they had to endure across the weeks in the wilderness, the challenges, blindsides, twists and turns.

For Mark, a major threat from the outset, he outlined how his strategy kicked off from day one, how he and wife Sam’s plans intertwined and how they successfully set themselves up as a couple in order for one of them to have the best shot at winning the season.

First appearing in Australian Survivor back in 2017, Mark and Sam met on the beach of Samoa and, despite neither making it to merge, their lives were changed by the game for good. Now returning to the game as a married couple, and as parents, the duo knew what it would take, with Mark’s final pitch also involving how he and Sam worked together and sacrificed for each other throughout the game.

And it must have resonated completely with the Jury as Mark became only the second Survivor finalist to win by a unanimous vote after Pia Miranda won in Champions vs Contenders 2.

Though a combination of his physical performance and his social strategy, Mark was able to make it 32 days in the game without receiving a single vote, longer than any other player this season. Now, on day 47, it couldn’t have been sweeter to see his name being pulled from the urn, crowning him Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

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