Australian Survivor 2023: Meet The Castaways In Heroes V Villains

In January 2023, Australian Survivor returns to Samoa, pitting Heroes against Villains in the ultimate battle.

TV's ultimate game is back and next year Jonathan LaPaglia will return to where it all began, bringing Australian Survivor back to Samoa for a true test.

Pitting heroes and villains against each other, we'll find out what kind of person it takes to win the title of Sole Survivor as they attempt to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast their fellow castaways.

Here's your look at the cast for Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes V Villains:

Hayley Leake - Heroes

Queen Hayley returns to the game of Survivor as the only previous winner and says a lot has changed since she last played saying, “Since I played Survivor, I got engaged, I bought a house, and I am now a doctor! But now I’m a doctor of pain! I have my PHD in pain research, so I’m going to level it up this time.”

After winning Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn in the Outback, Hayley knows coming into this game, she’ll have a target on her back. She says, “In Survivor, the worst thing is to think you’re invincible. I know my weaknesses, and I know how to use them. I’ve already been through the worst in Survivor. Everyone voted me out, sent me to Redemption Rock, and I thought there was no hope of winning. And I came back and won the game.

“I’m really glad to be back here as a Hero. I’m hoping my tribe sees me as a Hero of Survivor, and not as a Villain. Even though I obviously can be a little bit of a Villain. It was a dream come true to play Survivor once, let alone to win the game! I can’t believe that happened and I’m still, a year later, processing it, and now I’m on a gorgeous island in paradise and I’ve got a chance to win it again. It is a fan’s dream come true.”

Famous for her ability to push through excruciating pain and strategise a strong game play at the same time, Hayley has experience taking out a few Villains in her time but is also ready to hold onto her crown, saying, “A few people have won Australian Survivor now, but no one’s done it twice. And if anybody’s going to do that, it’s gonna be me.

George Mladenov - Villains

If you thought King George was returning for redemption, you’d be wrong. This time, it’s George the Terrible.

As runner up to Hayley in

, George is back and badder than ever. He says, “I’ve left Bankstown, I’ve come out here to Samoa to take back what’s rightfully mine - the crown that Hayley stole from me. I’m not coming to Samoa for redemption, I’m coming back for salvation and as a pure Villain.”

Admitting he has both heroic and villainous qualities, George is returning for the title and the prize money and thinks playing the dark side is the only way to get there. He says, “Last time I saved people, I played as a Hero and my family still doesn’t have much money. I’m coming back to change my family’s life.

Since leaving the Outback, George went straight to the gym and has been training hard to play a bigger part in the physical challenges but it’s the social and mental game that he is most excited about.

George says, “I’m so excited that it’s Heroes against the Villains this time. Last time I was on the Brains tribe, with no smart people! But I can’t wait to get into the thick of it with a tribe of 12 Villains. Villains are more cutthroat. Villains are willing to do what it takes to get the job done.”

David Zaharakis - Heroes

With a clear advantage in the physical challenges, ex-AFL player David is a sporting hero to many but also knows not everyone will agree with that term. He says, “The thing about AFL is you can be one team’s Hero or my team, Essendon’s Hero. Or you can be another team’s Villain and the opposition supporters hate you. I still have other team supporters coming up to me saying how much they hate me, and I love that!”

After retiring last year from the AFL following 13 years of playing, David is currently studying Property and Real Estate, majoring in Global Finance and jumped at the chance to play in his favourite game, Survivor.

David says, “I’ve been watching Survivor since I was 12, I think maybe back in 2002 when it started. I just love all the elements of it - the physical nature of it, the games. As a kid you watch the challenges and you think, I want to do that one day.”

But just because he’s a Hero, doesn’t mean David doesn’t know that the game can get sneaky saying, “Just because I am a Hero, doesn’t mean I am not here to play hard. I think if you watch every superhero comic or movie, the Hero always comes out on top. But in the game of Survivor, I don’t think there is a line I am not willing to cross. I think you must cross lines to win. I am definitely prepared for that.”

Shonee Bowtell - Villains

One of a very few who has ever played the game three times is fan favourite and challenge beast, Shonee. In classic style, she says, “I am the first person to be invited to play Australian Survivor for the third time, so suck on that everyone who’s ever underestimated me.”

Playing a total of 89 days across her two series, including her returnee as an All Star, Shonee has made it 4th and 7th previously but there’s only one spot she wants this time and that’s first. And while she would claim her challenge wins were based off taking one pilates class, this time she’s more ready than ever to play.

“I’m more prepared than ever because now I actually exercise. I am hitting Pilates five to six times a week. I am so shocked that I am so into exercise. All those fit people that say, ‘Exercise is good for your mental health!’ are right. As much as it pains me to say it. I am more of an adult now since last time I played. I love having an empty washing basket. There’s no better feeling.”

Shonee says, “I’m so glad I’m not on the Heroes tribe, that just seems like a whole big snoozefest and I’m all about the fun. I’m so excited that I’m in a tribe full of Villains. These are my people. I think Villains have the upper hand because we are expecting people to blindside us and lie to us. Not like those naive little Heroes. Like lambs at a slaughter.

Nina Twine - Heroes

Survivor royalty, Nina had her game cut short in Blood V Water and is ready to come back stronger than ever.

“To say I have unfinished business with this game, I feel like is a little bit of an understatement. I went home in a really good position, and it was nobody’s choice, like it just had to happen, so I got a lot of things I need to do. Me and Australian Survivor are not done, we had a break, we went to therapy, we talked things through and now I’m back and we’re ready to go again.”

After playing in last season’s Australian Survivor: Blood V Water with her mum, Survivor Legend Sandra, Nina has a bonus reason for playing in Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

She says, “So I’m here in Samoa and as some people may know my mum played as a Villain here and won! If this season was made for anybody, it would be made for someone like me cause I’m a Hero raised by a Villain.”

A retail sales associate, Nina is ready for the hunger and sleep deprivation since she’s done it before and wants to help the newcomers feel welcome in the game but won’t give the same kindness to the Villains. She says, “I don’t think the Villains have any idea who they’re up against because they’re probably going to try and underestimate us and that’s gonna be a big mistake.”

Sarah Marschke – Villains

Being Miss World and a semi-professional rugby league player are not jobs one would usually pair but that’s what makes Sarah a tough cookie ready to take on a game like Survivor.

Sarah grew up playing rugby at four and represented Queensland twice and says the experience made her tough and into the woman she is today. At 13, she was scouted as a model and won the title of Miss World Australia at 19.

And while rugby was tough, it was the modelling circle that really got her built for resilience. She says, “Competing at Miss World international is brutal, it’s a very competitive pageant because you’re there to win, you’re not there to make friends or have a good time.”

It was during the Miss World that Sarah was accused of her villainous side, saying, “When I was representing Miss Australia at Miss World, a bit of controversy happened. Miss Greece told everyone, and it was all over the news that I had pushed her down the stairs of a bus and ruined her chances of winning. I didn’t but if I did, she wouldn’t have gotten up!”

Ready to play as a Villain, Sarah says, “You should never underestimate what a beauty queen is willing to do to win.”

Shaun Hampson – Heroes

The Horse is back. As one of the best challenge beasts Australian Survivor has seen, Shaun hopes his social game will take some of the attention away from his physical game.

After lasting 32 days in Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, he’s come back with unfinished business saying, “Last time I was complacent and there’s no room for complacency in this game whatsoever. You can’t leave an Idol in your bag for 14 days without looking at it. I wanted to come back because I love the game and I really feel like I’ve got some unfinished business here.”

A successful AFL player and now business owner, Shaun is leaving his family behind who he says are his biggest motivators and his proudest supporters in taking on this challenge again. While he admits he is doing this for selfish reasons, his ultimate goal is to win and make his family proud.

As a returning player, Shaun knows the types of moves a Villain will make and is not afraid to use some of those tricks himself. He says, “I’m really proud to be part of the Heroes tribe. I think Heroes at their core are good people. They want to help people, they want to see people get better and I love that in the outside world. But in the game of Survivor, it’s a little different. I’m happy to be called a Hero, but I’m not going to play like one.”

Jordie Hansen – Villains

The Joker is returning with his usual grin in the middle of chaos but also a little bit of maturity. Landscaper and fan favourite from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, Jordie is taking his lessons from last season to play a new, more Villainous game.

“The Joker is back however I’ve learnt from last time. I’m still going to have fun, fun is the number one priority but to try and at least seem a little bit more responsible so people believe I’m more trustworthy and are happy to put their faith in me. Playing Australian Survivor: Blood V Water with my brother was hard because every decision you make can directly affect their game as well. But now the only person I can ruin the game for is myself, so there’s nothing holding me back.”

Since leaving Charters Towers, Jordie met his now fiancée and they are having a baby which is giving him even more reason to win, saying, “To win and have that security for my family would mean everything. My decisions aren’t just based around myself but around my new family. It would mean everything to have the title after being so close last time and know that it wasn’t an accident, there are a lot of reasons I want to win this time.”

Jordie also knows that returning players can come in with targets on their backs and is hoping his social game will help him make alliances quickly – while having some fun! He says, “I think the Villains are going to be a good bunch to hang out with because we’re all going to having fun and stirring the pot. It’s going to be way more fun than being on the Heroes tribe, that’s for sure!”

Benjamin Law - Heroes

Ben is the ultimate slashie – author, broadcast journalist, writer and creator for the TV Series The Family Law, LGBTQIA+ advocate and Survivor super fan. He has been watching Survivor since he was a teenager and is coming into the game as a Hero saying, “Being a Hero is such an advantage. First of all, you’re with a tribe whose heroic qualities are obvious whether it be the size of their brains, the size of their hearts, or the size of their courage. I also think it’s an advantage as a new player coming in as a Hero because people are going to underestimate what you’re capable of doing.”

Using his journalism skills to find out information and his natural warm nature to play a strong social game, Ben admits while he might not be the strongest, he’s scrappy and hopes his follow platers won’t see his game coming. And while he will go in with the heart of a Hero, Ben is also prepared to play a little dirty if he needs to. He says, “I hope I bring certain values into the game like integrity but at the same time, as a storyteller I want all the complexities and I know that villainous people are capable of heroic acts, and you might see the Heroes capable of very villainous moves too.

“There’s part of me that obviously wants the Heroes to win, who doesn’t love seeing someone lift up their sword in victory.”

Anjali Rao - Villains

Celebrated journalist and anchor for some of the world’s biggest news companies such as CNN, Anjali has crossed paths with many Heroes and Villains in her line of work, and not only can recognise them but knows how to get what she needs from them.

As someone who is used to dealing with the unexpected, Anjali hopes these skills will help her with the twists and turns Survivor will throw at her. And as journalist, she has a natural instinct and interest in relationships that she’s planning to build from day one.

But while the social side might be a strength, Anjali thinks the challenges could change her outlook. She says, “I’m absolutely petrified about the physical side of this game and putting my body on the line - absolutely terrified! I think most people at home when they think of Survivor, they think of those sadistic challenges and I am no different.”

With her humour and good nature, Anjali says being a Villain is not her usual way of describing of herself saying, “I don’t think I ever would have said I’m a born Villain but after I did Real House Wives of Melbourne, it emerged that I was the Villain of the season and I loved it! I thought that’s tremendous. I love being a Villain because they’re the interesting and fun ones.

“I think the Heroes are going to be so far up their own arses just because they’ve got the word Hero there, but I can’t think of anything more dull.”

Rogue - Heroes

If anyone can handle the pressure of playing Survivor, it’s film maker and animal activist Rogue. She is a passionate advocate for animal conservation, particularly lions. She spent six years working undercover in Africa filming a documentary about poachers and trophy hunters while pretending to be one herself.

Her work as a film maker has given her great insight into people’s behaviours and believes these skills will help her play Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, saying, “I’m perfect to play this game because I find people absolutely fascinating. I know that the heart of everything comes down to the person, their reasons, their motivations, and their tiny nuances of how they speak, look, react. It’s always a lot more about listening than it is about talking.”

Hoping her experience and work can inspire other young women to feel capable of making a difference, Rogue is not here to let the Villains win.

“In the game of Survivor, why would you ever want to be a Villain? Someone who has done something heroic should win it. I think being with a bunch of strangers is exciting to meet and interact with people I would never normally have the opportunity to know. What amazing stories and experiences we might share. I’m not a huge fan of the hangry situation but let’s see what happens.”

Liz Parnov - Villain

Dedication, practice and self-control are all skills Liz has in her DNA after spending years as an Olympic Pole Vault champion. Starting the sport at 10 and following in the footsteps of her pole-vaulter father and coach, Liz became the youngest ever competitor in pole vault at the Olympics when she was 18.

Now working in Marketing after making the decision to resign from the sport, Liz is ready for the challenge Survivor will throw at her. She says, “I think Survivor is the ultimate test because it pushes every aspect of a human being to its max, like physical, mental, social. You’re sleeping on the floor, you’re hungry and it just pushes you to that limit. It’ll be treading a fine line between losing it and focussing on the win.”

Liz admits her resting bitch face and love for her king bed and moisturiser are going to make the game hard. However, she thinks if there’s ever a tribe for her, it’s the Villains, saying, “I’m a good person but my personality is very much larger than life - aggressive, short-tempered and a Taurus!”

Flick Palmateer - Heroes

A big wave surfer and Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn finalist, Flick is returning to take out the win. But she’s also got another reason why saying, “Finally I get to play Survivor on an island! It’s very on-brand for me, the outback was not. I’m way more in my element here.”

Coming third in her series, Flick was known for her courageous and strong-will after losing her mother mid-way through filming and she says it was the hardest thing she’s ever been through. But with her family’s support, she kept going and made it to the final challenge. She says, “Last time I played, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I still came third. This time I’m back, stronger than ever, and I’m ready to win.”

Flick is currently ranked number two in the world on the big wave world tour and holds the record for the biggest wave surfed by an Australian female. She knows when you are looking down the barrel of a 50-foot wave, there’s no time to hesitate and wants to bring that bravery into the game.

Playing as a Hero, Flick says, “What really grinds my gears about the Villains is probably the manipulation side of things. The lying, the cheating - I can’t stand it. It’s most definitely time for a Hero to win this game.”

Simon Mee - Villains

As the first person in Australian Survivor to be blindsided with two Idols before Merge, Simon is leaving the Outback behind and is back for redemption. He says, “It was pretty tough failing last time, it took a lot to swallow but I let my arrogance and my ego get in the way and this time I am determined to play a very different game and to keep my ego in check.”

Recently married, Simon is excited to get a second chance and says after being voted out in Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn, it has made him reconsider his game play.

“My strength coming into this season has to be my self-awareness. It’s taken a lot of selfreflection to get to where I am now after what I went through and I’m going to use that to my advantage. My biggest fear coming into this game is going home with another Idol, it is something I’ve thought about for a long time and it haunts me and I’m absolutely terrified of ending up with one and not playing it correctly.”

As a natural leader in the real world, Simon wants to step back from that and embrace his dark side, saying, “As a Villain, you thrive in the chaos, you get your hands dirty and you really bring Survivor to life because without Villains, this game would be so boring. I’m pumped to be a Villain because last time I tried to play as a Hero and look how that went for me. This time I can really unleash my full potential.”

Sharni Vinson - Heroes

From LA to the beaches of Samoa, Sharni goes into each adventure with an open attitude and this adventure won’t be any different. She says, “I’ve never been more ready for a show like this. I’m not planning on coming in and being Sharni, the actress. This is an opportunity for me to actually remove myself from the actress side and bring to light Sharni, the person.”

Growing up as a state swimmer and dancer, Sharni loves doing her own stunts at work so is excited by the physical element of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. But she’s also excited to put her social strength of being ‘the mole’ to good use. Sharni says, “My friends call me the mole. Just try and keep a secret from me, I will always find out. I’m looking forward to using my inner mole in this environment to find out all the information about everyone. Hopefully where there’s some hidden Idols too, the mole will find them.”

As someone who is always up for an adventure, Sharni has always wanted to play the game and has no fear of sleeping on the beach or living in the elements. She is hoping all the sides of her personality will be useful in her gameplay and her honesty will help her make and keep alliances.

“Of course, there are going be those moments where it will hurt me to vote people off, that is part of the game, but I’m not trying to come in here and be really anything other than who I am.”

Stevie Khouw - Villains

Sneaky Stevie has left Fiji and is ready for the beaches of Samoa. While he admits he didn’t last as long as he wanted last time he played, Stevie made an impression and is back for revenge.

“I was too kind back then, I was sneaky but I should’ve been more. I had a blast but there was one person who blindsided me – Shonee. She’s been in the back of my mind for four years and I’ve been dreaming of getting back at her.”

Famous for his Idol hunting in Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, Stevie got his nickname from his tribemates and it’s one he loves to embrace. A food delivery rider and now an independent politician, Stevie also finished his Masters in Environmental Law and is also a volunteer fire fighter.

But all that heroic work won’t stop him from playing a more villainous game this time around. Stevie says, “As a villain, I can be all the worst characters all in one. Last time, I had no strategy, I had no plan, and I was trying to be a Villain. But I was more like an apprentice Villain. But this time I’ve had time to study how to become a real Villain and I’m going to really show everyone how it’s meant to be. I’ll be the master this time.”

Gerry Geltch- Heroes

Gerry has been a pilot on Fraser Island for thirty-five years and does over 40,000 beach landings a year. During that time, he’s survived plane crashes, rescued passengers, and saved people from beach dangers.

As someone who naturally thinks of others before himself in an emergency, Gerry says a flick gets switched and the safety of other people comes first. He also admits his good nature and kindness could be used as a weakness in a game like Survivor and says his favourite previous player is Tarzan.

A free climber, free diver, spear fisher and Latin dancer, Gerry is used to the beach life so isn’t fazed by the Samoan elements that will be thrown at him. He says, “I’m as fit as I can be at my age, I’m a very social person but I’m also strategic. I’m going to be checking out all my opponents in the game, seeing which ones I can work and align with, who I can’t and as the game progresses, I’ll start playing the game bigger and bigger and bigger.

“The reason why I’m here to play is to prove to myself at my age I can do this. Number two, show other people around my age, don’t give it away. You can go and do new different things. This is all new to me as well.”

Mimi Tang - Villains

Melbourne PR and Communications Manager, Mimi, is used to being underestimated. Working in a male dominated industry of luxury cars, she has learnt to hold her own and stand her ground.

Mimi says, “I’ve grown up super resilient and independent. I feel like it’ll be favourable in the game. I’ve dealt with multiple relationships and personalities every day for the last 10 years in my job, so I feel like it’ll help me.”

An amateur boxer, Mimi started when she was 19 and says she becomes a different person when she steps into the ring. However, her tough exterior is not always what it seems as she thinks her biggest weakness will be her empathy for other people and thinks Villains aren’t always bad, just misunderstood.

She also knows working with a group of Villains means she’ll need to be on her toes but that’s part of the fun. She says, “I’m so happy to be on the Villains tribe because there’s no limits, no expectations, and you can do whatever you want.”

Paige Donald - Heroes

The beaches of Samoa could not be further away from Paige’s real life as a Ringer and Jillaroo in Central Queensland. Growing up in a country town, Paige left home at 18 and started working at cattle stations where she’s mustering cattle and saddling horses daily.

Paige says, “I am not really a beach person. The sand in your crack, everywhere, I can’t stand that! But living rough is no stranger to me. You know, I spend my weekends and lots of time hunting with my dogs, spending it out in the bush with the good old swag.”

She says her Hero would be her grandfather who helped raise her but is not going to let the title of being on herself get to her head, saying, “If you think you are a Hero, you are a d*ckhead. If you don’t think you are a Hero, then you probably are one. A Hero is someone that loves helping other people, getting in, putting themselves on the line to be able to get things done.”

Hoping the game of mateship will help her through Survivor, Paige is there to win but also wants to experience something challenging and make new friends. She says, “I think making friends is probably most important. Obviously, everyone wants to win, and I wouldn’t mind a new car or a house. But I think even if I didn’t end up winning, I would be okay with that, knowing that I had made some really good mates.”

Michael Warren - Villains

A professional journalist, Michael is a sporting enthusiast who is passionate about people and telling their stories. However, he is aware that sometimes journalists aren’t always heroes in the eyes of the public, saying, “I think people look at journalists as Villains because they feel journalists lack heart or sensitivity. But a real journalist has all those things. They do care, they do have empathy, but we also want to get that story.”

As someone who believes in living life each day, the adventure of Survivor is something Michael has wanted to do for a long time. As a fan of the game, he remembers having Survivor parties with his friends at university and talking about how they would play the game.

Michael also wants to play the game for his mother who passed away in 2017 and says, “My mother knew I loved Survivor so she’d be shaking her head with laughter knowing I made it to the show. I know she’d say I’ve got the mindset to make it all the way but whether I can, will be a different story.

“If there was any season I’d want to be a part of, it’s Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. I love that a Villain wants to get their hands dirty and that’s my mentality. I’m not looking to play the perfect game, I know I’ll make mistakes, but I love that Villains just don’t care about ruffling the feathers. I’m prepared to lie, cheat and steal and do whatever I can to get to the end. I’m not here to play a boring, laconic, non-urgent game. Anything goes.”

Matt Sharp - Heroes

Trustworthy and loyal are the words Matt’s friends would use to describe him. While this Gold Coast lifeguard spends his days helping other people and his community, Matt knows the game of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains might be a little different.

“I want to be trustworthy and loyal early on but at the right moment and time, I want to make those big moves because I’m here to play, not to just sit back and relax. In my everyday life, I’m just the nice guy that likes helping people, but out here, I might be the nice guy around camp, the nice guy to people’s faces but I’m out here to blindside, to find Idols, make moves and play big.”

But it will be hard for Matt to not play the Hero when it’s his instinct. He is excited for all the camp life – fishing, building the shelter and helping his fellow tribemates around camp and is ready to challenge himself and most importantly, take out some Villains.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about who these Villains will be and whether it’s a dodgy politician or dodgy car salesman, I’m excited to find out who they are and to send them home packing.”

Leaving his pregnant wife at home for his chance to win $500,000, Matt wants to make an impact on the game and have fun doing it!

Fraser Lack - Villains

Knowing real estate agents don’t always have the best reputations, Fraser is planning to use that to his advantage. An agent from Melbourne, he works in high-end residential sales and admits, “I’m a real estate machine, I don’t care if someone hates me, I’ll make them love me, that’s my job.”

Fraser also knows that much like real estate, Survivor is all about trust. He says, “The hardest thing in my job is to get people to trust you and that is my number one goal and that’ll get me to sole Survivor. I’ll get my tribe mates to trust me because I’ll find out what their goal is, what their dream is, and I’ll make them think as if I’ll get them there.”

When he’s not working, Fraser runs marathons and has his days plotted out in 15 minute increments to keep himself as efficient as he can be. He knows he’ll struggle without the luxuries of home, but the goal of winning will push him forward to the end.

“With $500,000 on the line, people will lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, betray alliances - there are no lengths that people won’t stoop to. Coming in as a Villain gives me license to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I don’t like the Heroes because they’re hiding behind this facade that they are all great, everyone’s got a little bit of Villain in them.”

Sam Webb - Heroes

The original Hero, it’s been six years since Sam played in the very first series of Australian Survivor on the shores of Samoa.

After lasting 49 days without a single vote against his name until he was sent home, Sam played a game of mateship and loyalty. And while his morals haven’t changed, he knows the game has evolved and so will his gameplay. He says, “Coming into this game as a returnee, I see the game completely different. I’m coming in here with a pretty similar strategy, but I feel like the energy in Survivor is a lot more cutthroat and I may be wrong but I’m looking forward to it, I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Sam continues to run and work his mental health charity, LIVIN, and hopes the good guys win in Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. Praising his mother as his Hero, even Sam admits that sometimes Heroes can have their villainous moments. He says, “My mum is a Hero. She’s probably the biggest Hero but I’ve seen her turn and if that gives me permission to turn, you better believe I will. I’m not out here for a holiday.

“I think you could win this game playing a moral game, but you may have to bend a few of those rules within that moral. Let’s find out. People thrive off an underdog, the battler, that’s the Australian way and I’m a battler man, let’s go. I’ve lived my life with my back up against the wall, nothing fights harder than when a mongrel dogs back is against a wall, nothing.”

Jackie Glazier - Villains

Australia’s most successful female poker player, Jackie is returning to Survivor with a new attitude and experience to back her. She says, “Last time being on a Champions tribe, with a lot of athletes, all they cared about was winning challenges and that’s not me. I’m here to play the full game of Survivor, I understand the challenges are part of it but it’s the game play back at camp that I really want that whole experience this time.”

After appearing on Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, Jackie has moved to Queensland with her husband and childhood sweetheart who has helped get her ready to return to Survivor saying, “I’m extremely lucky to be married to a mental performance coach, so we’ve worked a lot on the mental game of poker so I’m using those skills here as well.

Jackie is excited to embrace the Villain side of herself and knows that playing with a team of them will be very different to what she experienced the first time around. As a huge fan of the game, she also knows the types of players she’ll be drawn to and the ones to avoid.

She says, “I’m going to be staying away from those chaotic, kind of volatile players. I think early on I need to surround myself with people I can somewhat trust and that’s the way I’m going to be playing this game, look for those connections early and hopefully they’ll get me through to merge and then I re-adjust as needed.”

Australian Survivor Heroes V Villains Is Coming January 2023