A Battle Of Head V Heart Sees Old Alliances Thrive Once Again

Kate ‘KJ’ Austin battled her way to the final five, but sadly after at tie-breaking vote, she was the next to be sent to the jury.

Surviving a tribe swap, making it to merge and winning her way back from purgatory, KJ managed to flip the later part of the game on its head with an advantage that blew up the majority alliance.

But even her best strategising didn’t come to fruition when mixed messages meant she was the latest to be voted out and sent to the jury.

After Shay won individual immunity, the remaining women saw it was the perfect opportunity to take out either Josh or Mark — with Mark now exposed after finally playing his second immunity idol.

Knowing Chrissy and Josh were a solid two, KJ and Shay attempted to swing Mark in the hopes that they could vote Josh out. Knowing he’d be next if Josh were to leave, Mark played along but had no intention of actually voting out his last remaining shield.

At the same time, KJ and Shay had convinced Chrissy that they were putting their votes on Mark. Knowing she had to make some kind of bold play to impress the jury and build her resume, Chrissy conceded and broke rank with Josh, voting instead to target Mark.

But lines were crossed, and the voted ended up being tied two on Josh, two on KJ and Chrissy’s rogue vote on Mark squandered.

When it came to revote, Mark and Chrissy held tight to their alliance, and both voted for KJ which sadly meant her time in the game came to an end.

With just four players remaining in the game, will their alliances see them make it all the way to the final tribal? Or will even the deepest alliances crumble as we inch closer to crowning our next Survivor champion?

Find out who will be crowned Sole Survivor when the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water grand finale airs Monday at 7.30 on Network 10 and 10 play on demand