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Start-Up Launch Kickstarter For Invisibility Shield

Now you see me, now you see a blurry square.

Have you ever wanted to stub your toe on thin air? Well welcome to the future my friend! The future you craved has arrived!

Invisibility shields for the consumer, it turns out, are go. It was only a matter of time before someone cracked it.

London-based start-up, Invisibility Shield Go (at least the tin says what it is) have launched a Kickstarter that is currently going viral, all thanks to everyone’s clear desire to hide in plain sight.

‘BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?’ I hear you screaming at your computer. Well, it turns out these guys aren’t the first to think of it. It uses the same principals as a ‘Lubor’s Lens’. Which I now know thanks to this YouTube video explaining it.

TLDR: It bends light from the back to the front on an angle so whatever’s behind it can be hidden.

It’s effective, impressive, and simple but not perfect. Once they can make it look like there isn’t a dirty window randomly placed into a setting that relies on fairly plain backgrounds with horizontal lines, they’re really onto hiding people. And frankly I can’t see how this ever goes wrong or is misused at any point, no siree Bob.

While these shields are a fun and crazy optical illusion, Invisibility Shield Go aren’t the first to think of it. But they are the first to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign around them, which in marketing land is half the battle. I mean, we’re talking about it so these guys are great at landing it into the news-cycle.

My congratulations to all entrepreneurs in consumer markets.