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Science Explains Why Your Easter Eggs Taste Better Than Normal Chocolate Bars

It’s that time of year when most of us are gorging ourselves on chocolate eggs, but why are they so moreish?

In 2013, scientists at Cadbury’s investigated how the shape of chocolate could influence the consumer’s perception of taste and texture.

The study found that participants scored the melting and smoothness qualities higher in round-shaped chocolate.

A more recent study published in the British Food Journal in 2021, found that consumers reported round-shaped chocolate as being creamier than square-shaped chocolate.

“If a shape has a large surface are a you will get a more rapid release of molecules from the food,” Professor Peter Barham, an expert in food science and molecular gastronomy, told the BBC. 

“The perception of flavour is influenced by a lot of things and shape is one of them.”

But it doesn’t all come down to the shape, managing director of LIR Chocolates, Ann Murray, explained that chocolate eggs are made differently to normal chocolate bars.

“A chocolate egg has a different eat quality to a bar,” Murray told MirrorOnline.

“The egg is spun so that the chocolate is thinner and so melts easily in the mouth releasing all of the cocoa notes.”