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Dog Or Clown - What Do You See?

Once again, the internet is divided but his time it’s over something important: a picture of a doggo.

It’s the 2020 version of the blue and black dress. And yes, it WAS blue and black.

We all remember this right?

It was the greatest optical illusion of our time. But now we have been bamboozled once more. Except this trick of the light is slightly different from the dress colour mystery.

The dress seemed to divide viewers mostly down the middle. Half saw gold/white and half saw blue/black. Whereas when it comes to this image, almost everyone sees a dog and only a select group of weird individuals see a small evil clown boy.

Those who easily see the clown should potentially seek help as most people have trouble seeing it even after being told about it.

It’s even harder than this classic:

Optical Illusion postcard - young woman/old woman, Pilgrim Motel, Salem MA - Store Item# SABASUSH1739 | Optical illusions, Illusions, Postcard
Image: Pinterest. The greatest optical illusion of our primary schools days

If you're struggling to see the clown, a Twitter user highlighted it just for your nightmares tonight.

Ahh, now you see it!

But even if you see the clown you then have to admit the evil clown boy still has the legs of a dog. Is that what makes it creepy? That the clown boy has fur legs??!

Whichever you saw first, there is no denying the soul of both these creatures is dark and could use some cheering up. In fact, we could all use some cheering up, and we have just the thing: