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Couple Divide Opinions By Wearing Tracksuits To Their Wedding Reception

A couple has donned tracksuits rather than traditional formalwear to their wedding reception. No reports if their ceremony was yoga-based, but either way, they were prepared.

Wedding videographer Sarah Gonzalez of Wildwood Films shared footage on her Instagram of the couple.

The bride wore a veil, white crop top, tracksuit pants and trainers. Meanwhile, the groom wore an all-black hoodie and tracksuit pants set.

The look was not to everyone's taste, with one Instagram user describing it as 'my worst nightmare'.

People may have seen an uncle rock up to a wedding in jeans or a kid on the dancefloor in their pj's, but it's rare that the bride and groom's outfits are this laid back.

Many people, however, applauded their commitment to comfort, suggesting the trend may catch on.

Sophistication may have been missing, but on the plus side, so was sore feet and uncomfortable trips to the bathroom.

Everyone should be comfortable on their wedding day, and there's nothing that gives you a full range of movement on the dancefloor more than trackies and sneakers. You're free to twist, floss and let loose during the Nutbush.

They're definitely on to something; it's only a matter of time before wedding dress shops start stocking oodies.