The Best Memes About This Season Of MasterChef So Far

"I've missed ordinary people saying 'My jus is reducing' and 'I want my pork to be blushing' with a straight face."

With this season of MasterChef Australia underway, we've already had some incredibly iconic moments.

The Top 24 have made strong impressions with their food and their frantic running from the pantry to their benches, the incredible food they've been plating up and the shade they've been throwing from the gantry, we're obsessed.

Here are some of our favourite memes from the season so far:

The feeling when you hear "Hot and Cold" playing for the first time in months:

The joys of realising your food dream:

And the return of an old favourite:

Even if ALL of our faves couldn't come back for S13:

When Melissa called baby carrots the "basic bitches" of the bistro world and followed it up with this:

Wynona's grazing boards inspired some fans to share their own gourmet boards:

When we met the lawyers of the season:

When Nigella Lawson stopped by with a biscuit taste-test challenge:

And the task of recreating her dish through description alone could have inspired some... interesting results:

Though it could have been truly challenging:

Seriously though her description of that cake was so stunningly lavish:

The first team challenge of the season really got us familiar with Aaron's name:

Petition to change the show's themesong to it just being a remix of "AARON... AARON... AARON.......... AARON....."

Trent slightly overdoing it with the lemon myrtle:

Which prompted this iconic Tweet:

Shocked that he had any left after that challenge TBH.

And this iconic "episode":

Daria for Season 14.

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