Nigella's Favourite Recipes From Week 3

Nigella Week delivered some absolutely mouth-watering food...

Anushka's Layered Cake with Plum Sauce Centre

"It’s sort of like a donut layer cake... One of the things I was worried about apart from the miraculous(ness) of making the plum just ooze outm, was that the date molasses buttercream would be too sweet for everything, but you have kept such sharpness with the plum that actually, you have really made sense of it” - Nigella

"It’s cake shop quality, fantastic” - Matt

"You’re becoming the cake boss” - George


Jess' Pavlova with Vanilla Cream and Smoked Plums

"It actually looks like something from a fairy tale, really wonderful... I am a pava-holic and what I love in a pavlova is the crisp edge and then a chewy bit and that marshmallow belly and that is exactly what this has, it’s just lovely” - Nigella

"It’s absolutely delicious and thoughtful. Drying the mint brings out the flavour, smoking the plums and keeping the texture in them, whipping that cream to perfection and the chew to me is just the most amazing bit of a pavlova, that’s ripping” - George

"We all thought it would be good, but I don’t think we were expecting you to be that good” - Matt


Yellow Team's Pistachio-Crusted Lamb with Confit Fennel and Pistachio and Fennel Salad

"It looks beautiful but more importantly, the lamb looks divine. When I look at it I begin to salivate and that’s a good thing. I think the lamb is cooked beautifully and I love this” - Nigella

"It was all about pistachios, that’s there, the lamb is cooked beautifully, the fennel is soft and really yummy but for me it’s that fresh salad. You’ve got so much lamb fat in that sauce, so you need that there just to freshen the dish up and that’s what it does, so a really great effort, well done guys” - George

"It’s a rock-solid plate of food. Simon you set them up so well with such a clear vision, Tessa you saved that gravy and Steph you’ve never plated as well as that." - Matt


Leah's Roast Chicken with Duck-Fat Potatoes and Carrots

"I have to say, these sides to look really beautiful, don’t they? Great chicken, great flavour, I like the carrots, and these are wonderful potatoes… it’s a very uplifting plate of food" - Nigella

"These potatoes are very, very crispy and I’ll tell you the chicken looks juicy. I love it, the sauce is great, the roast favour is there, I think she’s done a smashing job, I really do” - Gary

"The potatoes are really crispy, they’re really crunchy and delicious, but I love the cooking of the chicken, a great job” - George


Abbey's Roast Chicken with Hasselback Potatoes and Roast Fennel

"That’s beautiful, that golden skin... Look at this, look how golden, look at all these beautiful colours. This is singing, this was just pleasure on a plate, the feelings of flavour in it is so good it’s both hearty and refined at the same time which I really love” - Nigella

"The really great roast chicken meals are a warm hug of deliciousness and that’s exactly what this plate is, it’s a delicious dish” - Matt

"These potatoes, there’s no way they aren’t going to be crunchy and full of flavour... Let’s be honest, this is the best-looking dish so far. You know when we talk about Masterchef it up, this is a proper restaurant dish, its sophisticated, the sauce is delicious, it delivers in spades." - Gary

"Chicken is cooked beautifully, the fennel soft and delicious, the sauce is seasoned right to the edge but it helps everything tie together” - George


Simon's Japanese Set Custard

"I think that’s fantastic Simon, you’ve nailed that so well done” – Billi McKay

"Smashing, absolutely smashing. This challenge is all about celebrating custard and what a brilliant way to celebrate custard. You bring us the ultimate shimmering, satiny bowl of custardy goodness and then all those elements which have a salty hit, like in the broth. If this was like a long jump, you would have broken a world record because that’s top cooking” – Matt

"This was an incredible brinkmanship in the sense that you didn’t really know until the end whether you pulled it off or not and you really have and that’s such a joyous thing. The texture - it’s so perfect, its almost going back into liquid. It’s really beautiful, its exquisite” – Nigella


Coskun Uysal's Duck Breast with Pea Puree and Bay Leaves

"That’s lovely, it’s almost a thing that carries all the other flavours, look I think it’s a very clever dish and also a very tasty dish” – Matt

"The duck breast is cooked perfectly. Its forefront with bay leaf, its forefront with pea and forefront with that onion and the vinegar and obviously the addition, its yum - George

"Look, four empty plates. I think actually what I love about it as well is it’s got a lot of depth of flavour and its quite playful but kind of serious as well” – Nigella

"I love that, the only problem is I need more, there’s not enough of it” – Gary

"It was such a pleasure to eat your dish, it had a depth of flavour and wonderful textual contrasts with the duck skin and fried garlic. Such a serious piece of cooking but very playful and that’s always wonderful to eat” - Nigella


Steph's Rice Noodle Rolls with Hoi Sin and Chilli Oil

"It’s really something that makes you feel excited when you eat it” - Nigella

"My mouth feels like it’s a sprinkler at the moment, its salivating like ten to the dozen and that’s my kind of food” – Gary

"It’s got a lot of texture in the roll, the chicken, bits of crunch but also that smooth slipperiness of the rice roll” - Nigella

"To see that beautiful rice paper being made is fabulous, it’s wonderful stuff” – George

"This is delicious cooking. I love watching her cook, I could go again right now. She has announced herself in this competition, we get more food like that, boom” - Matt


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