Meet Guest Chef Max Sharrad

We bet you'll be surprised by the reigning 'Young Chef Of The Year's' connection to MasterChef...

Chef Profile: Max Sharrad

Best Known For: 

Max rose to success at Japanese-Korean barbecue restaurant Shobosho and was awarded the 2018 Australian Young Chef of the Year. Despite working at a Japanese-Korean restaurant, he is best known for his modern takes on classic Italian dishes, drawing inspiration from his Italian heritage at his new restaurant, NIDO, to create iconic pastas such as his Lamb Ragu and Acqua Pazza.


Managing Partner and Head Chef at NIDO. 

Have we seen him on MasterChef before? 

This is Max’s first time in the MasterChef Kitchen however his wife, Laura Cassai, was the runner up in 2014. Max will make his MasterChef debut competing against one of the S11 contestants during an Immunity Challenge.

Q&A with Max

Can you give us a taste of something you saw in the MasterChef kitchen this year that excited you?

Matt Preston’s wardrobe selection.

What’s the best cooking advice you’ve received that you want the MasterChef contestants to know?

Preparation prevents poor performance.

What’s your favourite dish to make at home on a lazy Sunday? 

Make? I’m ordering burgers or going out for pizza and wine!

What was your favourite dish to eat as a kid and is there a dish that you make now that reminds you of this time?

My Nonna’s Polenta and Ragu. Nothing quite like it!

Is there a naughty technique for a dish that you use that other chefs might find controversial? 

Find the best quality crab you can and then smother it with kewpie (Japanese mayonnaise).