MasterChef Australia: Meet The Final 3

One of these talented cooks will soon be crowned Australian MasterChef of 2023.

After weeks of mystery boxes and pressure tests, we're down to just three chefs each vying for the top spot, and the title of MasterChef for Season 15. Three completely different chefs, each with their own set of unique skills, who have dished up laughs and tears equally, and always served their heart and soul on a plate each and every challenge.

Here are the Final 3 for MasterChef Australia 2023:


Coming back into the competition was always a risk for Brent. Having left the show in 2021, prioritising his mental health, the former boilermaker knew he had to prove that he deserved a second shot at the title. And from the get-go, that's what Brent has done.

Approaching each challenge strategically, logically and with a renewed sense of calm, Brent has gone from strength to strength and continues to wow the judges. With a clear culinary identity, Brent has showcased his mastery at preparing dishes that celebrate cooking over an open flame. Can the hibachi hound go all the way and prove to his family, and more importantly himself, that he was the ultimate MasterChef from day one?

Memorable recipes:

Pork Belly Skewer, Tomato and Betel Leaf Salsa and Adobo Sauce

Octopus Yellow Curry with Yellow Salsa

Bourbon Chicken Skewers


Declan is his name and fish is his game. But now, after so many weeks in the MasterChef kitchen, so is lamb, choux pastry, panna cotta... in fact, there's very little that the young tradie hasn't been able to master in the competition. While he found himself wearing a black apron and facing elimination a handful of times, Declan also found his rhythm and became quite skilled and calm when it came to pressure tests. On top of that, Declan was one of the few chefs this season to score himself the almighty immunity pin after he went head-to-head with a top chef.

On top of the fact that Declan has shocked and delighted the judges throughout the competition, his sense of humour is only matched by his enormous heart as he's shown time and time again, stopping to help his fellow competitors in challenges. Will Declan reel in the win?

Memorable recipes: 

Choux Buns with Raspberry Craquelin and Hazelnut Praline

Steamed Kingfish with Tarragon Beurre Blanc

Flathead Tortillas with Tatemada Salsa


All smiles all the time, Rhiannon was like a ray of tropical sunshine through her shining personality and her flavour profiles throughout the competition. With a love of the tropics and Asian flavours, Rhiannon has brought some of her family favourites to the competition. Her approach to plating up generous, hearty and flavourful food -- and don't forget a healthy pinch of chilli -- has been a recipe for success.

With the end so clearly in sight, Rhiannon's style of cooking with her whole heart and in honour of those she loves could be the secret ingredient that would see her take out the top spot for 2023.

Memorable recipes:

Mexican Prawn Choux with Avocado Cream

Hibachi Grilled Dory with Asian Apple Salad and Nam Jim Dressing


MasterChef continues on Wednesday and Thursday before the Grand Finale on Sunday, July 16 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.