Marco's Words Of Wisdom

Marco Pierre White spent a monumental week on MasterChef, sharing his skills, experience and words of wisdom with the Top 24. Here are his most memorable quotes

"You should save those tears for another day"

– to a teary Nicolette in episode 6

"Allow your fingers to create the design. Don’t force it – make it sensational."

– to Charlie on his dessert in episode 6

"You have a responsibility to yourself. Just make your dreams come true."

- to Nathaniel after tasting his Pressure Test dish in episode 7

"You must remember one thing: time is not your best friend."

- to Zoe, Olivia and Nidhi ahead of their Immunity Challenge in episode 8

"Happy cooks cook happy food"

- to the blue and red teams during Team Challenge in episode 9

"Generosity is the greatest garnish in the world"

- to the blue team as they discuss portioning in episode 9