Lie With Me: Who's In The Body Bag?

After some big revelations in the premiere of the new Aussie drama Lie With Me, we are all wondering the same thing; who's in the body bag at the beginning of the first episode?

We follow the tumultuous lives of Jake and Anna Fallmont, who have moved their family from the UK to Australia for a fresh start. Throughout the series, Anna is suspicious that Jake is having another affair as she follows him around and becomes unstable in her search for the truth.

Towards the end of the episode, it's revealed that Jake is having an affair with the new nanny Becky Hart, who is brought in to look after their two young children Grace and Oliver. It turns out, Becky is his long-term lover and not the innocent nanny we all believed her to be.

As Anna assures herself that she’s not crazy, her suspicions continue to grow, and so do Jake and Becky’s twisted plans to get rid of Anna and take the children.

Anna begins confiding in Becky, and Jake believes their relationship will work in his and Becky's favour. While we know they are having an affair, it’s when Anna discovers them in the cellar that changes everything. Anna decides to play the game and tells Becky that Jake is an abusive partner. When Becky confronts Jake about this he denies the accusations, calling Anna a liar.

As we try to put the pieces together, the mystery of who's in the body bag, Jake and Becky's deception, and Anna’s revenge make us question what happened and who we should believe.

As police attend to the crime scene, we can see that Jake’s mother Cynthia, Grace, Liam the gardener, and Becky are all alive.

So, this means that the deceased could be:


As the police make their way through the family house, we see Cynthia looking for Grace, as she says “She keeps asking for mummy. What do I tell her? What can I possibly say?”. This could imply that it’s Anna whose body has been found, or that Anna has killed someone, and that she's on the run or in police custody. Jake's desire to get rid of Anna and bring Becky into the family could mean he is responsible for her death.


Jake’s affair with Becky and the abuse accusations could be the reason he’s in the body bag. Jake goes out of his way to make Anna look unstable and feel like she’s imagining things. Based on Cynthia’s body language, this could suggest that it’s not Jake who is dead, as she doesn’t have a strong reaction to the death. However, everyone grieves differently, so this could be throwing us in the wrong direction.

Baby Oliver 

As Jake and Becky's affair continues, they leave baby Oliver unsupervised. As a result, he’s taken to the hospital after Becky leaves a dangerous toy in his cot, which almost kills him. Jake defends Becky and covers up the situation, blaming Anna for giving Grace her childhood toy. Later, Anna reveals to Becky that when she suspected Jake's cheating in the UK, she took off with the children, nearly killing them in a car accident. Could it be that baby Oliver was in another fatal accident?

There are still so many questions to be answered. Could Anna’s erratic behaviour have led her to kill Jake, will Becky and Jake get away with their twisted plans, was the death an accident, and does Liam know more than he's letting on?

All will be revealed in the final episode of Lie With Me. Stream on 10 play on demand.