A Snake Bite And A Hectic Double Elimination Cements The Final 7 Celebrities For 2021

In the very last Edge of the Jungle challenge, the camp was rocked with news of a double elimination, leaving just seven celebs to head to the grand finale.

Once again each celeb had to compete in a game of skill, one-by-one they had to count to 100 as TNT exploded around them.

Unfortunately Adam, Dipper, and Abbie were the furthest from the goal sending them into the hellhole challenge where only one celeb would return to camp and join the remaining six celebs in the final.

Hidden in the hellhole was a mess of rowdy snakes, who seemed unbothered when Dipper and Adam slid their hands in to attempt to count how many critters were in the box.

But almost as soon as Abbie put her hands in the hellhole one snake took a liking to her, biting her on the hand and wrapped itself around her wrist.

abbie chatfield bitten snake finale

After collecting herself, Abbie powered on and ended up offering a guess closest to the correct answer, earning her a place in the grand finale and sending both Adam and Dipper flying into the swamp behind them.

Though he was one of the last to arrive, Adam made quick work of finding his place in the camp alongside his Gogglebox co-star Symon. The pair gave every challenge their all and Adam really was put to the test when he, Jess, and Colin had to endure the worst smell-o-vision trial ever.

“I’m a big softie so seeing tears was always going to happen but there’s always plenty of laughs in there… I think I’ve had a brilliant time,” Adam told Chris and Julia.

Dipper was a force to be reckoned with from the very first moment he wandered into camp. Having competed in two eating trials, Dipper also contributed to the camp’s world record of winning the maximum amount of stars in every eating trial, the first time that’s happened worldwide.

Dipper also kept the celebrities entertained every single day. From his snoring to his curiosity around DMs, his ongoing in-camp talkshow Dipper’s DMs quizzed celebs on their lives outside the so-called jungle, their relationships and — of course — all about the DMs.

“I just love the fact that there was a few generations in there and we all talked about what we did and who we are and who they are and we really mixed in well and it was just lovely to hear the stories of everybody,” Dipper told Chris and Julia following his exit.

“We’ve danced our way through the jungle, we’ve sung our way through the jungle… we’ve had so much fun,” he added.

Dipper’s time in the jungle was in support of Outside the Locker Room, which provides education and support for mental health and welfare in sporting clubs and schools around Australia.

Adam’s chosen charity is HeartKids, which helps children born with congenital heart defects as well as providing support to their families from diagnosis to adulthood.

You can find out more about both their charities as well as all the charities the other celebs have been supporting and information on how to donate here.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns for the grand finale Sunday, January 31 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play