Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Were On CSI: Miami

Explosions, shoot outs, Horatio Caine’s iconic sunglasses moments, CSI: Miami is a darn good crime drama. Here are some of the A-listers who appeared on the show.

Following Florida’s favourite forensic investigators around a crime scene is super addictive. And when a famous face wanders into a scene with a sordid past, under a cloud of suspicion, who may or not be guilty, it’s also surprising. With 10 seasons and 232 episodes, get ready to say ‘Oh my god, is that …?' a lot. 

Chris Pine: S2 ‘Extreme’

Before being involved in the infamous ‘spit gate’ with Harry Styles, Chris Pine had a role on CSI: Miami as Tommy Chandler. Tommy is contacted by the CSI team after his girlfriend is found dead. But there was more to this couple than met the eye, like their involvement in extreme thrill-seeking activities, including a staged kidnapping. 

Channing Tatum: S3 ‘Pro Per’

Tatum plays Bob Davenport, a wannabe rapper with dubious skills. After a woman is killed at a party on a waterfront estate, Bob becomes a prime suspect as he has a connection to the victim and was spotted on a speed boat in the area. Is he a killer or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

Zac Efron: S3 ‘Sex & Taxes’

A young Efron plays Seth Dawson, a teenager whose father is a suspect in the murder of an IRS agent. The investigation gets underway, and Seth becomes more entangled in the case as his fathers sketchy past comes to light. 

Megan Markle: S8 ‘Backfire’

As an officer rescued by Horatio from a housefire in the opening scenes, Megan Markle’s appearance in this episode is brief.  However, series regular Calleigh spends most of it solving the case during an outer body experience she’s having while in a coma. So, it's worth a watch!  

Kate Mara: S3 ‘Murder In A Flesh’

When thinking of flash mobs, people don’t usually think of murder. But in this episode of CSI: Miami, when the mob disperses, there’s a crime scene in its place. Enter Kate Mara as Stephanie, a high school student who would never cheat on a test. Stephanie’s involvement in the case comes under investigation. Is getting into an Ivy League College worth killing for?  

Lucy Hale: S8 'Show Stopper' 

Lucy Hale plays Phoebe Nichols, a pop star who bursts into flames during a live performance, yikes. But then it turns out that Phoebe was not ‘burnt alive’, she was already dead before catching alight. TWIST. And there are plenty more throughout the episode. Like apparently pop stardom isn’t as fun as it seems. Who knew? 

P Diddy: S7 'Presumed Guilty' and 'Sink Or Swim'

P Diddy was already well established before featuring in two episodes of CSI Miami, and his appearances are well worth a mention. In both episodes, Diddy plays Derek Powell, an attorney who butts heads with Caine on more than one occasion as his involvement in a murder cover up is unclear. Then, in ‘Sink Or Swim’ Derek’s yacht is highjacked by pirates, with dire consequences for all onboard. 

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