The Traitors 2022: TV's Bloodiest Game Is About To Heat Up

The game is only going to get more intense, now is the perfect time to catch up on The Traitors.

Twenty-four players enter a lush, luxury hotel plucked straight from an Agatha Christie novel. Ahead of them lies a deadly task: identify and eliminate the Traitors hiding in their midst before it's too late.

Each night, the Traitors will have the opportunity to 'murder' a Faithful player, leaving no evidence behind of their brutal deeds.

But it's not just a bloodthirsty war between Traitors and Faithful, as the group come together each day to complete tasks and win silver bars, added to a prize pool worth up to $250,000 for them to win.

That is... if they can stay alive until the end.

Racing against the clock to solve puzzles, sprinting across fields to avoid snipers and even dangling over a gorge all in the hopes of winning more silver bars to add to the grand total, the Faithful must put aside their suspicions and work alongside the Traitors to succeed.

After their challenges, the group meets for a Banishment, where accusations fly across the room, tempers raise and even the slightest sentence is put under the microscope.

In the first week, we saw the Traitors come out guns blazing, doing a phenomenal job of covering their tracks. A rumour got out of hand, which spelled the end to a strong Faithful player, and a psychic bombshell blew everyone's minds.

And that's only the beginning... in the aftermath of a very public psychic meltdown, the Faithful aren't the only ones with a Traitor in their crosshairs. Strategy is about to be taken up a notch as the Traitors realise that their best chance of hiding in plain sight could require them to sacrifice one of their own.

But who will make the first move? And will they survive, or will it expose them even more?

The game is only going to get more intense, so now is the perfect time to catch-up and join us for the most thrilling whodunnit reality series on TV.

The Traitors continues Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand