Survivor SA FAQs

You asked, we answered! Here are all the FAQs for Survivor SA.

Where can I watch Survivor SA online?

The only place you can binge-watch Survivor SA in Australia for free is on 10 play. We currently have the most recent seasons - seasons 6 and 7 - online.

When is Survivor SA on TV?

Survivor SA is not currently available to watch on live TV anywhere in Australia. However, all of season 6 and 7 are available to stream for free on 10 play.

Where is Survivor SA filmed?

Season 6 of Survivor SA was filmed in the Philippines and season 7 was filmed in Samoa.

How many seasons are there of Survivor SA?

At the moment there are seven seasons of Survivor SA and you can stream seasons 6 and 7 for free on 10 play.

Who won Survivor SA?

No spoilers here! To find out who won Survivor SA, head over to our 10 play show page and binge-watch the series now.

What is the prize for the Sole Survivor?

The Sole Survivor in the latest seasons won R1 million.