Some Of The Best Recent I’m A Celebrity Moments

From the funny to the feel-good, the gross to the even grosser, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our fave moments from the last few years of I’m A Celeb.

The show has spanned six incredible seasons, dropped handfuls of Aussie celebs in the middle of the African jungle and pushed them to their limits. In 2021 the celebs won’t have as far to go to find out where their limits lie, because they’ll be competing in our own backyard.

But before we meet these brand new celebs, let's take a stroll down memory lane and uncover some of our favourite moments from Season 5 and Season 6.

When Tom confronted his phobia of snakes.

On just his second day in camp, Tom had to go through some safety briefings, including coming face-to-face with his greatest fear - snakes.

With the help of his campmates, Tom not only faced this fear but pushed through and plucked up the courage to even give one of the slithery suckers a pat.

Not once, but twice!

Later in the season, Tom was voted into the Bad Breath Tucker Trial. Where again he had to get up-close and personal with some snakes, and scored a full set of stars to take back to the camp.

The on-again, off-again, on-again, wait-off-maybe-again, oh-no-it’s-back-on-again saga of Charlotte and Ryan

Across several seasons there have been close calls when it’s come to camp romances, but in Season 6 Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher delivered one of the best jungle love sagas since Tarzan met Jane.

The on-again, wait-they-were-never-on-at-all saga of Justin and Angie

A year before Charlotte and Ryan there was Justin and Angie, a brief glimmer of romance that was almost immediately snubbed out…

The birth of a Bachelorette

Things may not have panned out for Justin and Angie, but during her stint on I’m A Celeb we got to know more about Angie and her past relationships. Which eventually lead to her becoming Australia’s fifth Bachelorette.

The shocking Tucker Trials

We love seeing our celebs battle for stars in their Tucker Trials, face creepy crawlies, defeat daring stunts or struggle through an eating challenge, but nothing quite tickles us like trials where celebs are hooked up to some electrodes.

From a shocking jungle grocery store to an electrifying amusement park, does it make us terrible people for laughing every time one of these trials comes up?

The glorious moment when Julia gave Chris a shock of his own medicine

After the celebs in Season 5 were shocked by their families, literally, Dr Chris gallantly stepped up to prove the tucker trial wasn’t *that* bad. And with Lady Julia at the controls… how wrong he was.

Miguel’s rock phone

Before entering the camp the celebs have to surrender their devices, but almost immediately Miguel found a loophole when he noticed a rock that looked similar enough to a phone! Thankfully it had the latest iOS so it had all the apps needed to keep the celebs sane. Well, sane enough to be using a rock phone.

The creative contraband

Every year the celebs find new ways to sneak contraband into camp and every year they get absolutely busted with it. The ones to watch are always the chefs, with Justine using a “family heirloom” to sneak salt into the food.

Meanwhile, Miguel broke every record imaginable bringing in the most contraband in the show’s history, which included but was not limited to chicken salt, paprika, coffee, chocolate, chicken stock and multiple pomelos. Where he hid those we’ll never know, and perhaps don’t want to know.

The paella party

After weeks of teasing his campmates with tales of his perfect paella, Miguel was blessed with the opportunity to finally bring the dish to the jungle. There was nothing sweeter than seeing the soon-to-be crowned king of the jungle pouring his heart and soul into the dish for his campmates.

Don’t worry - the recipe is right here.

Rhonda Belchmore

While time in camp could be sweet and food was a source of celebration, Tucker Trials were another thing. And no one tackled them more intensely than Rhonda Burchmore. Roaring like some kind of demon in tap shoes, Rhonda transformed into Belchmore then Butchmore as she earned her place in the Tucker Trial hall of fame.

When Justin became a world record holder

Totalling a massive 13 trials, Justin was awarded a gorgeous sash celebrating the fact that he had completed more trials than any other celeb in any version of the series around the world. In typical fashion, he was super bashful about it.

Credit where credit’s due, Justin never shied away from giving every trial 150 percent, and though he may not have won the crown he did secure himself as the reigning King of Trials.

Yvie’s incredible speech

In one of the most emotional moments of the series ever, Yvie stood in front of her campmates during the weigh-in and delivered a powerful and inspiring speech about her experiences with eating disorders, weight loss, and body image. It moved the camp - and practically everyone watching at home - to tears and is well worth re-watching.

These are just a handful of memories from the past two years, but what have your favourite moments been? You can see all these moments and more when you binge Seasons 5 and 6 on 10 play now.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 3 January on Network 10 and 10 play