‘I’m Worried They Won’t Like Me’: Skye Wheatley’s Biggest Jungle Fears And Why She Hates The Term ‘Influencer’

On Sunday night, Skye Wheatley entered the African Jungle, making herself at home alongside her fellow celebs.

Laughing, screaming, and being bitten by a snake before she had even put her khaki shorts on, Skye has had a full jungle experience all in the first day.

Prior to leaving for South Africa, the former Big Brother Australia housemate sat down with 10 Play, revealing that this wouldn’t be the first time she’d be entering an I’m A Celebrity camp.

“I did the stand-in version for the UK,” she revealed, “I was one of the dummies. I was like oh, it’ll be easy! I had seen I’m A Celebrity before, I was like I’ll be okay. Was NOT okay!”

Three or so years after she was on Big Brother, Skye was part of a group who were filmed living in the UK camp before a season officially began.

“They lifted us into this massive cage into the sky, that was fine that wasn’t scary, but when they dropped buckets of bugs, maggots, and crickets on us I had the biggest panic attack.

“Also putting my hand in the box, hate that. Hate that! I don’t think I’ll be okay putting my hand in a box and not knowing what’s in there, it’s the fear of the unknown.”

But during the very first episode — after a bit of encouragement from her campmates — Skye was able to not only put her hand into a box, but fished around a mess of snakes to find part of a star.

“I’m fine with spiders and snakes… as long as they’re away from me,” she told 10 Play before her jungle adventure began. “I’m happy to look at them, I don’t want to touch them or have them on my skin.

“I’m hoping the public doesn’t find me annoying because I’m going to cry, I’m going to scream, I’m going to freak out. I know I will.”

The glamorous self-described social media “influenza” Is always up for a challenge, and explained that — aside from wanting to be back on TV after her Big Brother experience — she hoped to push herself out of her comfort zone through the challenges, and potentially overcome some of her fears, emerging as a stronger person at the end.

Confronting those fears, she warned, would not be quiet.

“I feel like it’ll be f**kin’ hilarious, entertain the public,” she laughed, “It’s not going to be boring that’s for sure.

“Would I say I’m excited to overcome my fears? Absolutely not, but I’d love to watch the reaction back. That’ll be a laugh! Everything is a worry, apart from the socialising,” she said, adding, “that’s a worry too! What if they don’t like me? What if I clash with someone? It’s all very scary.”

After her stint on Big Brother, Skye catapulted herself into the content creation industry, earning herself a huge following across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Just don’t throw around the “I” word.

“I hate the term influencer,” she admitted, “and they do have a bad rep! Most of them are arseholes. Literally, I can’t deal.”

Explaining that she’s opened herself up to friendships in the past that weren’t genuine, leaving her feeling used.

“I’m not worried about people judging me, I’m used to that, but I want them to get to know the real me, to see I’m actually not the stereotypical ‘influencer’. I care about people. I care about genuine people and I appreciate them,” she explained.

“I’m always real, that’s the thing with me, that’s why people either love or hate me,” Skye continued. “I’m not going to give some bullsh*t story for people to like me… I’d rather be real and honest and show people who I really am than try to play it up or be fake.

“People want to relate to other people and, the more real I am the more people can relate to me. I’m such a bogan gal, I have all the same problems, fears, I’m the same as anyone else. I think people love when you’re real and honest and I appreciate that,” she said.

“I’m not saying all influencers are arseholes… but most of them are,” she laughed. “That’s why people think that! Because they haven’t had good experiences… I’ve had people befriend me and, I’m so trusting and so open to meeting new people I never think badly.

“My mum is more cautious like, ‘Be careful of this person’, so is my partner, and I’m just like ‘Noo they’re soo nice babe! Live, laugh, love!’ Then they get to know me, get what they want and drop off. I thought we were more than that but… all good. I just can’t stand that.”

Coming into the jungle, Skye hoped she’d be able to form some genuine connections with the other celebrities in camp.

“People have told me I’ll find a bestie, which I’m keen for. I want to connect! I feel like on Big Brother I struggled with that. They judged me on how I looked and how I acted,” she said. “I was young, I was 20, so I would love to dive deep and connect this time… I don’t feel like I did that on Big Brother, I had people that were my friends — but I want to go deeper this time with connections.”

The proud mum of two boys, Forest and Bear, also said she’s at a point in her life where she’s ready to get back into herself.

“When I had my kids I felt really isolated, I just felt really overwhelmed with becoming a mum, so I put the social life on a back-burner and didn’t really make an effort or make time to get to know people,” she admitted.

“Now they’re a little bit older and I’m coming into me a bit more, I’ve met some really good girlfriends and I’m meeting more people I’m connecting with and loving it! It’s amazing, having cool, genuine, happy people around that make me feel good.”

Skye’s time in the jungle is in support of Bully Zero, Australia’s leading bullying prevention charity. You can read more about Bullying Zero and its founder Ali Halkic here.

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