I’m A Celebrity 2023: Domenica Calarco Farewells The Camp

The former Married At First Sight bride was a firecracker who lit up the jungle and, on Monday night, it was her time to return to the real world.

Coming into the jungle everyone expected Domenica Calarco to be the feisty, outspoken reality star and she did not disappoint. But during her time in the camp, she was also generous, loving and always ready to put the needs of the camp before her own.

"The whole experience was way more difficult than I expected," Dom told 10 Play, "I really thought going in I'd be able to cope mentally with being away from my family for so long but, I think after about a week, it really set in that I was away from them and this was my reality now.

"Once I got over that hurdle it was just like this beautiful unknown that you just leapt into and it was great from then on."

Domenica never shied away from confrontation and, when Kerri-Anne joined the camp, she was ready to speak up and say what was on her mind when it came to the fairness of some celebs having access to luxuries like makeup when others were going without.

That tension came to a boiling point during the now infamous New Balls Please trial where Kerri-Anne refused to take part in the eating challenge, claiming that Domenica’s failure would mean her own participation wasn’t worthwhile.

With her obscenely quotable, “Why are you here, bro? Legit, actually, why are you here?” Dom brought a little dinner party madness into the jungle with her.

"Living in the African jungle with a dozen strangers had its ups and downs," she admitted, "but it was brilliant. Once we got into a routine and we all figured out what our roles were in camp it was smooth sailing from then on.

"We're all huge personalities in our different ways and trying to navigate that was kind of difficult at times, but we got there in the end and I'm so proud to call them my mates."

While missing her family out in the real world was one of Dom's biggest hurdles to overcome, she was also making her own family with her fellow celebs and, when asked what her favourite moment of her time in the jungle was, the MAFS star admitted it wasn't what you'd expect.

"It's not the winning stars or getting a letter from home, it was those nights when we'd sit around the campfire and eat dinner and just be so grateful," Dom said.

"Not only for the company but for the food that was in our little tins. For me, it was just the mundaneness of the dinners, having that normality. That dinner time was really all we had of what it would be like at home."

Dom never gave up when it came to some of the trials she had to face, and she faced some of the most brutal and devious Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris had up their khaki sleeves.

Joining the list of celebs who have survived the Viper Room, on Monday Dom also faced the hilariously tricky Beam Me Up challenge where she, Woody and Nathan faced what they thought was a terrifying 15-metre drop into a dam below.

Though she was terrified, Dom still gave it a shot, knowing her fellow campmates were relying on her to bring back the stars.

Dom’s time in the jungle was in support of The Leukaemia Foundation, an organisation that provides advice and support for those diagnosed with blood cancer and those who are involved in their care.

"To be able to represent the Leukaemia Foundation was an absolute privilege," Dom explained. "Every time I'd be doing a trial or there'd be tough times in camp, I'd just think about what my uncle went through when he was sick with his cancer.

"I knew that this was uncomfortable for me, but what he went through was ten times worse. Knowing that I'm in the jungle for a reason, to get that money for my charity, that's what made me push through and... I can't wait to work more with the Leukaemia Foundation from here on out."

For more information about The Leukaemia Foundation, or any of the charities our celebs are representing this year, as well as info on how you can support or donate, click here.

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