Frankie Muniz In Tears As He Walks From I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

On Sunday night the Hollywood star made the emotional decision to leave the show.

The camp was in utter shock on Sunday night as Frankie Muniz made the bold decision to walk out of the jungle.

While it came as a total shock to many of his campmates, Frankie had been open about his struggles being away from his wife and son, which only seemed exacerbated when the celebrities received letters from home.

Having some time to think, Frankie asked the celebrities if he could say a few words, fighting back tears and clearly upset by how difficult he found the decision, Frankie said, “I’m so not an emotional person because I become just so busy that I’m almost numb.

"I felt so many incredible feelings here with you guys, and I’m lucky that it was y’all, because I know with one person taken out, my experience would have been completely different," he told his campmates.

“You know I’ve struggled at times, and a lot of the struggle is - I’m honestly having one of the best times in my life because I’ve never laughed or felt emotion like this. But the biggest realisation I found,” Frankie continued, “is that my current situation with my wife and my son, I’m guilty of not noticing what they do for me.

Referring to the letter he received from his wife, Paige Price, Frankie continued, “Hearing my wife say that my son is sad that I don’t play trucks with him… I realise, man I’ve been home so many days and when I’m home, I’m not present.

“I’m so ready to be present… I feel like you guys know me now, and we’ll be friends forever. But, from the outside, I think people know me as an actor or a race car driver but all I really want to be known as is the best father and the best husband to my wife, and hopefully a good friend,” he said.

“I love you guys, but I am going to say: I’m a celebrity… get me out of here. I’m going to go be with my family.”

Leaving the camp in tears, Frankie ended his time in the South African jungle, later explaining to hosts Robert Irwin and Julia Morris that it just felt like the right time

“It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. This has honestly been one of the most amazing, positive experiences I’ve ever been a part of,” he said of his decision to leave the camp.

“It was weird to have that dilemma playing in my mind - it’s so positive that I want to leave to use the positive that I learned and apply it at home today. I didn’t want to wait any longer,” Frankie said, adding that the last thing he wanted to do was let the rest of the camp down by leaving, but knew it was the right choice for him at that time.

“When I came here, I didn’t know what to expect at all. I thought I’d come, have fun, I knew it would be hard. I didn't think that it would be almost like a wellness retreat, in a sense. I made such amazing friends and you get so comfortable with them and they ask questions that you don't get asked,” he explained.

“It made me think about things for the first time… I had realisations in the moment and… it hit me hard. You become vulnerable in there."

Frankie’s time in the jungle was in support of Dementia Australia, an organisation that helps anyone from those dealing with dementia to those caring for someone who may be suffering from dementia, offering support, resources and information across the country.

Find out more about Dementia Australia and all the charities our celebrities are supporting this year here.

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