‘A Scale That’s Unprecedented’: Grant Denyer Chats Deal Or No Deal

The iconic format hits weeknights on 10, and host Grant Denyer reveals why hosting was a job “too good to refuse”.

Deal or No Deal brings back all the family fun of screaming “No deal!” at your TV screen as you watch everyday Aussies try their luck to win a life-altering prize.

“It’s one of the world’s biggest and most successful formats of all time. There’s been 80 productions of it around the world so I knew it’s a powerhouse that’s too good to refuse,” Grant told 10 Play.

“It’s a wild ride that’s dripping in suspense, loaded with risk at every turn but offers enormous riches for those who can hold their nerve and beat the banker,” the host continued. “It’s fun, tense and an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride for all the family.”

For fans of the original, Grant promised that the Deal Aussies know and love, along with the golden briefcases, will all be back. “We’ve made sure it’s simply everything and more. It’s supersized, more fun and on a scale that’s unprecedented,” he said.

“I think it’s more dramatic, funnier…the buzz is mega for its return and I promise you’re going to love it!”

With a show that’s full of risk and reward, Grant gets to stand alongside everyday Aussies and witness the highs and lows of each episode. “I love being a human ATM handing out massive amounts of cash,” he said, adding, “It’s honestly the greatest feeling in the world.

“But to get there, players must make smart choices that don’t always work out… With great risk comes great reward and those who can hold their nerve are spectacularly rewarded and the celebrations are hectic and emotional. It’s powerful stuff to be there when that happens. I absolutely love it.”

Describing the show as “more exciting, funny and heartfelt” than he ever expected, Grant was surprised at just how emotional he would get during episodes.

“I’ve bitten all the nails off my fingers, I’ve ugly cried, I’ve laughed until I almost puked and – more importantly – I’ve helped people achieve their dreams whether it’s to buy the car of their dreams, paying for an important medical procedure, rebuilding their home or even affording a baby… it’s so good being a game show Santa Claus. That makes me so happy.”

So what makes the perfect strategy when it comes to Deal or No Deal? According to Grant, any approach is a good approach.

“Some have lucky numbers they use to try and game the system, some use the power of the universe, psychic skills or crossed over loved ones to get them there… but yes, you need a bit of luck too.

“The cool thing is, you don’t need to be a genius to win big on the Deal. We aren’t trying to make it hard to win, we do everything we can to get you to win! Better, absolutely EVERYONE wins!

“They all win something,” Grant continued, “it’s just the amounts that vary. No one goes home empty-handed whatsoever. Everyone wins a prize, some just have their lives changed.

As for Grant, if he was picking a briefcase he instantly knew what to say:

“5, 6 or 10. Five nights a week, six pm on Channel 10! I know who pays my bills,” he laughed.

Catch Deal or No Deal 6pm weeknights on Channel 10