When Shark Tank's Sharks Attack Each Other!

The Sharks love nothing more than fighting it out over lucrative deals to add to their portfolios. Before the season’s final “I’m out’s” are muttered, let’s take a look back at some of their sharpest chompers.

*WARNING: May contain multiple appearances from Steve*

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Glen to Andrew and Naomi: “Didn’t I say I was about to give you an offer? And wasn’t I rudely interrupted by a couple of parrots?”

Things that Dr Glen likes: Humans that save animals.

Things that Dr Glen doesn’t like: Humans that act like animals.

Attack factor: Treat this flesh wound, STAT!

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Janine to Steve: “Shut up!”

Janine doesn’t care if you don’t do vegan, Steven.

Attack factor: Nasty gash, but a fish-kiss will make it better

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Naomi gives Steve the finger

Nothing says ‘I’d rather be on vacay in the Caribbean than sitting in the same room as you’ like flipping the bird does.

Attack factor: Call the ambulance!

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Naomi to Andrew: “50% of the population is not niche!”

What’s scarier than one woman suffering hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings caused by menopause? 3.8 BILLION women suffering hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings caused by menopause. Niche?! Are you serious?! Should have made an offer, Andrew.

Attack factor: Airlifted to the nearest hospital

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Steve to Janine: “She’s pretty good at pouring juices”

Pouring juices, being the Girl Boss of multi-million dollar empires, writing books, carrying more business awards under her belt than one can count, and all while juggling motherhood to four humans and two canines AND practicing yoga five days a week. We’d say she’s pretty good at being a goddamn superwoman!

Attack factor: Ooo, that cut sure is deep. Better get to the operating table ASAP!

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Steve to Glen: “Glen’s just really good at selling kitty litter, so let’s just leave him over there.”

Glen looks after all the good doggos too, Steve! ALL. THE. DOGGOS. You take that back at once!

Attack factor: BRB, in surgery

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Steve to Naomi: “She’s talking to me now, so can you please be quiet?”

Mr Baxter, is that you again? Holy mackerel, we’re sensing a bit of a theme here.

Attack factor: Sorry, but we think you’re gonna need a new surfboard

Shark tank, GIF, 2018

Glen to Steve: “Steven, stick this up your left nostril”

When you really wanna stick it up another hole but you realise you’re airing in a family-friendly timeslot.

Attack factor: A bite so big we needed 78 stitches to close the wound

Shark Tank season finale airs 9.00 Tuesday 7 August on TEN and tenplay