Join The Studio Audience For Would I Lie To You?

Join the audience for the new comedy panel show, coming soon to 10 and 10 play.

Chrissie Swan is gearing up to host the show that asks: can you tell fact from fiction?

Each week teams captained by Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley will be made up of celebs and comedians as they compete to bamboozle each other with outrageous fibs and falsehoods.

The teams will reveal some incredible, shocking and often bizarre stories about themselves, some of which are too good to be true. The twist is, some of them aren’t true at all.

The audience will be filled with people just like you, huge fans of the UK show Would I Lie To You?.

There are limited seats to these live special events so be quick to reserve your seat by clicking here. Please note it is a maximum of 4 tickets and you must be 18+ to attend this event.

**The WILTY record dates have been rescheduled, please take note of the new dates and times below.

Would I Lie To You? will be recorded on the following dates:

(Times subject to schedule changes)

Monday 13th December

Record 1 Arrival time: 1:30pm

Tuesday 14th December

Record 2: Arrival time: 1:30pm

Thursday 16th December

Record 3: Arrival time: 11:00am

Record 4: Arrival time: 4:30pm

Saturday 18th December

Record 5: Arrival time: 10:00am

Record 6: Arrival time: 3:30pm

Monday 20th December

Record 7: Arrival time: 11:00am

Record 8: Arrival time: 4:30pm


No photographic or recording equipment will be allowed in the studio and phones must be switched off as soon as you arrive. We reserve the right to remove you from the venue if we believe recordings or photographs have been taken.


Due to the State Government Health Orders, you will need to provide a copy of your digital vaccination certificate on arrival.

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