Everything You Need To Know About Wildlife Rescue Australia

Your latest TV obsession is here!

Giving you everything you loved about Bondi Vet, Wildlife Rescue Australia takes animal rescue on the road. In this state-of-the-art mobile vet hospital, this Wildlife rescue team give native care to thousands of Aussie animals.

Based in Byron Bay, no two days are ever the same for Dr Bree and the wildlife team. From checking broken bones on a frog to microchipping bats, the team ensure the best treatment for animals of all shapes and sizes. 

A requirement at the Wildlife Rescue vet hospital, naming all animals that need care. A Kookaburra with a broken wing, fittingly called Darrel to a Coastal Carpet Python called Cruskit.

Get an inside look into life at a busy vet hospital and the stress that comes with being a vet, as said by Dr Bree, “I just get a little bit stressed that I am doing the right thing for the animal and that I’m not making it worse”.

Not only does Dr Bree and her team assist animals within the vet hospital, the first episode of the season saw the team release Rainbow the turtle back into her natural habit. After a shark encounter, Rainbow underwent an emergency  operation and after four months of rebab was able to be released back into the ocean.

What cuddly or not so cuddly creatures will the Wildlife team rescue next?

Watch Wildlife Rescue Australia at 6pm this Saturday or catch up on Episode 1 on 10 play on demand.