50+ Pluto TV FAST Channels Now Live On 10 Play

Get ready to enjoy Pluto TV’s re-invented viewing experience on Live TV With Pluto TV, a Pluto TV dedicated area on 10 Play. South Park, Happy Days, MasterChef Australia, MTV Realities and Nickelodeon Classics, among others,

Guaranteed to be an out of this world TV viewing experience, Pluto TV, a global leader in free ad-supported streaming television, has launched 51 FAST channels today on a new dedicated user experience called Live TV With Pluto TV on 10 Play.

What’s a FAST channel we hear you say? It’s where viewers can enjoy binge-worthy, TV show dedicated channels across reality, comedy, drama, fantasy, crime, kids, action and more, all for free and at your fingertips.

Love MasterChef Australia? There’s a channel for that. An Australian Survivor diehard? There’s a dedicated channel for that. Loved cop drama Rush? Fantastic! There’s also a channel for that.

Plus, iconic retro titles including I Love Lucy, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210 and so many more. Every episode ever playing back-to-back whenever you want it.

The Pluto TV FAST channels are featuring a wide variety of content across every genre and for all generations, offering iconic IP from trusted entertainment brands, with content spanning categories including movies and television, comedy, reality, crime, classic TV, game shows, kids and more.

Iconic seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 are available alongside channels for classic episodes of Happy Days or Dynasty. For comedy enthusiasts, there are channels devoted to sitcoms, movies and stand-up, and there’s even content for nostalgic millennials like Baywatch.

About Pluto TV

Pluto TV, a Paramount Company, is the leading free streaming television service delivering hundreds of live linear channels and thousands of titles on-demand to a global audience. The Emmy ® award-winning service curates a diverse lineup of channels, in partnership with over 400 international media companies, offering a wide array of genres, languages and categories featuring movies, television series, sports, news, lifestyle, kids and much more. Pluto TV can be easily accessed and streamed across mobile, web and connected TV devices. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Pluto TV’s growing international footprint extends across three continents and over 35 markets.