About the Show

Wonderland is a warm and engaging relationship drama revolving around four couples at very different stages of life – the star-crossed singles, blissful newlyweds, hot new lovers and long-term marrieds. We join them as they navigate the light-hearted and sometimes painful minefield of love and friendship.

Set in Wonderland, an apartment building on the doorstep of one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, the residents are an eclectic bunch, but they all have something essential in common: each of them reminds us of someone we know, or even ourselves.

There’s charming bachelor Tom Wilcox (Michael Dorman; Wild Boys, The Secret Life Of Us, Blood Brothers), uptight lawyer Grace Barnes (Brooke Satchwell; Packed To The Rafters, Tripping Over, White Collar Blue), fun and sexy PR princess Dani Varvaris (Jessica Tovey; Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Home and Away, Mr & Mrs Murder) and restless wife and teacher Colette Riger (Emma Lung; The Straits, Entourage).

Joining them is banker and Dani’s new husband, Steve Beaumont (Tim Ross; Neighbours, Rush), Colette’s all-round good guy husband Rob Duffy (Ben Mingay; An Officer and a Gentleman, Packed To The Rafters), aspiring photographer, Steve’s sister and Tom’s new flatmate, Miranda Beaumont (WAAPA graduate, newcomer Anna Bamford) and hot Brazilian engineering student Carlos dos Santos (Glenn McMillan; Power Rangers).

Also living in the Wonderland building is Tom’s mum, Maggie Wilcox (Tracy Mann; Sleeping Beauty, Laid, Sweet and Sour) who finds more and more reasons to stay away from the vineyard she shares with husband Warwick (Peter Phelps; Stingers, Rescue Special Ops, Underbelly); and eccentric collector and Grace’s flatmate-to-be Harry Hewitt (Michael Booth; Packed To The Rafters).

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