'No One Was Left Unscathed!': Kate Langbroek Discusses What The Hell Just Happened?

For most of us, 2020 is a year we'd rather not re-live and definitely one we're not likely to forget.

Beginning with the catastrophic bushfires that ravaged the nation, 2020 was just getting started, and we had no idea what was to come.

Thankfully, rather than re-living the year that was, 20 of Australia's funniest, smartest, and most opinionated have come together to answer the question: What the Hell Just Happened? 

From the global pandemic to former US President Donald Trump's final moments in office, panic buying to Kanye West's bizarre run for office, learning how to Zoom and discovering what WAP stands for, the stars break down all the important moments -- some of which we wish we could forget.

The two-part special features some of our favourite stars including; Julia Morris, Nazeem Hussain, Harley Breen, Urzila Carlson, Narelda Jacobs, Andy Allen, Adam Spencer, Julie Bishop, Jess Eva, Becky Lucas, Michael Hing, Waleed Aly, Susan Carland, Eddie Perfect, Joel Creasey, Myf Warhurst, Bianca Chatfield, Daniel Doody, Jordan Nguyen, and Beau Ryan.

Bringing them all together is narrator Kate Langbroke, who became the unintended spokesperson for Aussies abroad when she experienced the Italian lockdowns early last year.

In 2019, Kate and her husband Peter relocated to Bologna with their four kids; Lewis, Sunday, Artie, and Jan.

"To be not allowed to leave our apartment [in Italy] was unimaginable," Kate said.

When asked the big question, what the hell just happened? The radio host responded, "Lordy be, who actually knows? One thing I do know is that no one was left unscathed."

The family spent over four months in lockdown, with Kate posting regularly on Instagram about their experiences in Italy. But looking back the media personality said there were still silver linings to be found.

"Lockdown, and the loss of so much of what we had taken for granted, provided a solid basis to reevaluate our lives and what we value in them," Kate said.

"People, freedom, travel, work, it also is a reminder that nature is always bigger than us. And we better respect it.

"We are pretty resilient... I mean, you don't know how you'll weather a storm until you are in it," Kate continued, "but I fell in love with my children in lockdown; with their humour and diligence and what good company they were. And my husband, Peter. Seriously, were spouses ever supposed to spend so much time together? (Don't answer!)"

While the interviewees give their hot takes on everything from ScoMo's handshakes to Zoom etiquette and working without pants, there was one thing we all admitted to doing: panic buying.

Toilet paper was the obvious item that has consistently been snatched up at even the mention of an impending lockdown, but the same went for baking goods and pasta -- something that became an unintentionally tense topic for Kate while abroad.

"This is such a political topic in Italy. For starters, they NEVER serve bolognaise with spaghetti and maintain this is an American invention," she explained.

Despite living in Bologna, the home of a traditional bolognese sauce, Kate said she loves the more traditional Aussie "spag bol".

"Often, if we were homesick, I would say to the kids, 'Close the shutters. We're having spaghetti bolognaise. Don't tell the Italians!'"

Having looked back at the last year, our celebs -- under Kate's guidance once again -- will take a look forwards with another special, What The Hell Happens Next?

Examining all the big issues that we'll be facing in the near future -- from the world of celebrities and entertainment to science and tech, nothing will be off limits.

What The Hell Happens Next? premieres Monday, April 12 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 play

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