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What The Hell Just Happened? Ep. 2
PG | Documentary

Air Date: Mon 12 Apr 2021

If last year was up for the title of Worst Year Ever, what can this one deliver to top it? Line-up includes Urzila Carlson, Harley Breen, Jess Eva, Julia Morris, Joel Creasey, Andy Allen and more.

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About the Show


It was serious stuff – but somehow we made it through. And we did that the way we’ve always done it. With the legendary Aussie spirit of resilience and mateship. And most importantly our ability to have a laugh! In this first one hour special, ‘WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?’, some of Australia’s sharpest minds, famous faces and quickest wits will pair up to revisit those unforgettable moments from the last year and a bit. The highs and the lows. They’ll be asked the big questions: Zoom – pants on or off? What did you really stockpile? And is Megxit a contender for the right Royal stuff-up of all-time? It’ll be heart-warming and heart-breaking at times as our famous pairs reflect on how the events of the last twelve months changed the way we live. From dealing with the pandemic at home, to our elderly, and its impact on everything from sport to entertainment and celebrity scandal.

A mix of hard talk and schtick - all sparked by the images and moments that’ll stay with us forever.

Not a look back in anger, but looking back with a laugh. Because seriously… isn’t it something we all deserve?


If last year was up for the title of Worst Year Ever, what can this one deliver to top it? With Trump finally trounced and vaccines on the way, we’re off to a flying start. So could some of the challenges we’ve faced actually become opportunities for the future? In this second one-hour special, ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT?’, we’ll project forward to examine the big issues - covering everything from serious news to entertainment, lifestyle and tech. Once again featuring our Ep 1 pairings of famous faces, we’ll roll tape and bounce off those iconic news and pop culture images and stories to ask the big questions:

COVID fatigue – can we really go another year?

  • Is the pandemic the planet’s revenge?
  • Has Trumpism hastened the end of the American Empire?
  • Have we forgotten about climate change in all this mess?
  • If 2020 is up for the title of Worst Year Ever, what can 2021 deliver to top that?

But then we’ll turn the dial to positive and look at the opportunities 2021 brings:

  • Australia v the World – could no international travel actually be a good thing?
  • Travel – let's celebrate local and discover the best holiday destinations without leaving home?
  • Families – will that treechange finally become a reality?
  • Positive Science- if we’ve developed a vaccine for coronavirus, what can’t we do next?
  • Family and friends- will it be hugs and kisses in 2021 or more social awkwardness?

And then there’s the fun stuff:

  • Will there be a COVID baby boom and/or will divorce rates skyrocket?
  • Work changes- what will be the coolest places to work away from the office?
  • Prophecies and predictions - what did Nostradamus have to say?
  • Robots, Flying Cars and other fun futurism – will those ‘Beyond 2000’ promises happen beyond 2020?
  • What else will tickle our funny bones in an uncertain future?

Narrated by

Kate Langbroek


Urzila Carlson and Harley Breen

Becky Lucas and Michael Hing

Jordan Nguyen and Adam Spencer

Jess Eva and Beau Ryan

Nazeem Hussain and Julia Morris

Waleed Aly and Susan Carland

Eddie Perfect and Myf Warhurst

Joel Creasey and Julie Bishop

Nerelda Jacobs and Daniel Doody

Andy Allen and Bianca Chatfield