About the Show

After 30 years embarking on comedy-shows around Australia, Jimeoin has grown frustrated by the tight schedules, back-to-back PR appearances and endless hotel rooms that come with it. So, he’s decided to do the tour he’s always wanted and try his hand at camping, throw in a van, a holiday park and a bunch of his comedian mates including Akmal, Georgie Carroll, Michael “Dolly” Dolton, and many other comedians — and you’ve got one epic, and hilarious, adventure.

Jimeoin discovers new and exciting places, accessing his inner-bushman whilst camping with his friends and discovers that camping in the bush isn’t what he thought it would be. While staying at Tiona Holiday Park in Pacific Palms, Dave Smith from G’day Parks invites Jimeoin to do a G’day Parks comedy tour at their holiday parks on his journey up through NSW and QLD. Jimeoin loves the idea so he can see more of Australia and signs on… and has a hilarious comedy tour up the sunny East Coast of Australia.

And when the trip ends, Jimeoin decides he wants to do it all over again next year - but bigger and better -- and more eco-friendly.