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Truck Hunters - S1 Ep. 8
PG | Reality

Air Date: Sun 6 Dec 2020

Aussie Truck Hunters Lance and Pete scour outback towns and farm sheds on the hunt for classic American trucks - Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Federal or the elusive Diamond T.




About the Show

Lance lives and breathes trucks. The rustier the better. A back-yard mechanic since his teens, what Lance doesn’t know about these vehicles just isn’t worth knowing. He has cut up, built, lowered, modified and fixed everything from his beloved Diamond T to his 37 Chevy and everything in between. With his car crazy buddy Pete, Lance hunts down mechanical wrecks and rusty gems across the backroads and highways of eastern Australia. Along the way we met a cast of unforgettable Australian characters, visit some classic country towns and learn just what it takes–and what it costs-to turn a rusty pile of metal into a fully functional on-road vehicle. But this is not another bells and whistles high-tech makeover show. Truck Hunters epitomizes old school cool. It’s low-and high cred and taps into a growing movement that yearns for the days when things were built to last. When craftsmanship and practicality went hand-in-hand.