About the Show

Welcome to Three Veg and Meat! My name’s Olivia Andrews. I’m a best-selling cookbook author and one of the co-founders of Marley Spoon Australia, but the most important job for me is being a mum. Setting my kids up with good eating habits for life is really important to me and I’ve written a book called Three Veg and Meat that’s filled with our favourite family recipes, but reimagined. By eating more vegetables and less meat, we do better by our bodies, our budget and the planet.

In this show I’ll also be making some of my favourite Three Veg and Meat recipes available as meal kits that you can order online at Marley Spoon so you can try some of this deliciously different food for yourself. Find these recipes and more on MarleySpoon.com.au

Let’s flip the balance on our plates and explore the New Flexitarianism!