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Three Blue Ducks - S1 Ep. 6
PG | Lifestyle

Air Date: Sat 17 Jul 2021
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Chef Daz hosts a VIP event at the Ducks' flagship venue, The Farm in Byron Bay. The guests are the top chefs of the region and Daz has to put a lifetime of cooking, into this single moment.

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About the Show

Australia’s hottest team of young chefs; Andy Allen and fellow Head Chefs Mark LeBrooy and Darren Robertson, take us on the road and behind the scenes, as they travel Australia to create 6 new recipes for their award-winning restaurants.

It’s a masterclass in innovative and inspired cooking as we witness the creation of these completely new dishes. Celebrated for their unique style, ‘the Ducks’ offer rustic, honest, tasty food with a focus on sustainability and local seasonal produce, the Ducks visit amazing regions and producers, devising each new recipe in the field.

At the end of each trip, the recipes are executed in one of the Three Blue Ducks restaurants and served to paying customers for the first time as a ‘special’. If the response is overwhelmingly positive, the dish will earn a place on the Duck’s regular menu. We’ll also get a glimpse of how the Ducks cost their recipes, weigh-up the seasonality of ingredients, and decide on presentation and pricing.

In 2010, Three Blue Ducks started as a humble café in the beachside suburb of Bronte. Now, they lead a thriving empire with 5 restaurants dotted along the East Coast. Their menus are applauded for their unique style – and celebrate amazing Australian seasonal produce. It’s a formula that’s taken chefs Mark Labrooy, Darren Robertson and Andy Allen years to perfect, and in this series, they’re revealing exactly how they do it.

At the end of each service, the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ filming reveals real-time feedback from paying customers and the chefs must decide if the new dish deserves a full-time place on the menu. Audiences can then try the dish for themselves and decide what they think.

Three Blue Ducks not only reveals the craft, creativity, and challenges associated with running an empire of restaurants, started from a humble beachside café, but the incredible friendship and professionalism of these dedicated food-lovers.