Life Lessons From This Is Us

It’s the show that’s not only got us talking but also awash with feelings. This Is Us is not any ordinary US drama, it’s gripping and it takes you with it on a rollercoaster of emotion. It’s made us want to be more like the Pearson Family. This is what we’ve learnt from them so far.

Take the sourest lemon and turn it into something resembling lemonade

Dr K’s words of wisdom struck a chord with Jack following the devastating news that one of their babies hadn’t survived. Amidst the pain of loss, Jack and Rebecca discovered a lost child and took him under their wings.

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Create a family chant

Admit it, you’ve repeated ‘Big Three’ back at the screen as the Pearson crew holler their family mantra. We love their team spirit and sense of unity. We’ll try this one at home.

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Stop and listen to stories

When Randall takes Beth’s advice and sits down to ask William the questions that he needs answered, he is taken on a beautiful trip down memory lane. He learns about the love story between his biological parents and their history. Life is busy, but these moments are precious.

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Wear what makes you feel good

Rebecca totally rocks a denim skirt, high-waisted jeans and a boho top. Who knew '80s fashion could look so great? Jack sports a favourite old T-shirt because it makes him happy thinking of fun and sun. Young Kate struts her stuff in her bikini, feeling good. Forget the fashion rules. They’re made to be broken.

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Stay in the moment

Kate acts as Kevin’s beck and call girl all the time. Toby goes to extreme lengths to make Kate a star for the day and it blows her mind. But at the crucial moment during a passionate clinch in a broom cupboard, Kate breaks away from Toby to answer a call. Noooo! Switch off, Kate.

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Don’t sit on the sidelines

Seeing Jack’s love of football, Rebecca makes the decision to join in. Unlike her mother who left her father to watch it alone, Rebecca learns the rules and ultimately shares Jack’s passion. The love of the game becomes a Pearson family thing, a big thing.

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It’s ok to ask for help

Jack and Rebecca aren’t perfect parents and they don’t pretend to be. When Rebecca summons up the courage to accept help from another mother in caring for Randall, we have to take off our (sun) hat to her.

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This Is Us is unmissable TV. 8.30 Wednesdays on TEN and after on tenplay