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Zombie Research Doctor Claims Dogs Will “Know And Warn Us” Of Zombie Apocalypse

Dr Cameron Carlson of Zombie Research Society (yes, that’s a real thing) states that due to dogs’ powerful senses, they will warn us if an apocalypse was to occur.

Dr Carlson said: “The one animal that we would see giving us signs about what to do would be dogs.''

“Dogs are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment and changes in the physiological state around them.

“Since we are in contact with dogs so much of the time, any change in any environment is going to set them off.”

He alleges that dogs would be able “to sniff out a zombie virus” way before deceased persons start walking, thanks to their powerful sense of smell.

Changes in atmospheric pressure and natural phenomena carry distinct odours that dogs would pick up on.

Dr Carlson explains that our dogs would begin acting differently, often behaving fearful and standing “differently” by staring intensely and remaining still, licking their lips and even hiding.

He confirmed that even small dogs such as chihuahuas and pomeranians would have a noticeable change in their demeanour. 

“They’d still change, whether or not they knew something was going on.” he said.

However, Dr Carlson said despite dogs being able to warn us of an apocalypse, we’d have to rely on our own preparation in order to defend or survive such an occurrence.