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You've Been Using Salt And Pepper Shakers Wrong

Think of how much time you've wasted.

TikTok user cody.93 has revealed something we’ve all been doing wrong for years – using salt and pepper shakers.

In the video a woman demonstrates that the little glass shakers have grooves on the bottom which aide supply of salt and/or pepper. Instead of just shaking the shakers (like an idiot) you just gently rub one shaker against the other along the groove and, hey presto -- a nice steady stream of seasoning covers your bland boring food.

@cody.93How old were you when you learned the proper way to use a salt and pepper shaker? ##chef ##crazy ##learnontiktok ##lifehacks ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage♬ original sound - Cody

It’s truly a revolution in spice distribution systems, but turns out it’s not the only thing we've been doing wrong. There are heaps of other time saving tips, tricks and hacks that we're not utilising, and we are all wasting our lives.

First up, takeaway noodles containers. They are in fact designed to be unfolded and used as an on-the-go plate. Sure, it’s a weird paper slippery plate that has no raise edges to prevent food from spilling, but it’s a plate nonetheless.

So much convenience. Image: Twitter @NJ_Nmaster

Next, have you noticed nearly all saucepan and pot handles have a hole on the end? You might think ‘Hey, I know this one, it’s for hanging your saucepan from a hook’ but you'd be wrong, or only half right, it’s also so you can balance your wooden spoon and not get your table all dirty.

Now this is living! Image: Kitchn.

And finally, why do you think soft drink cans have little holes in the tab you use to open them? It’s not so companies can save 0.005 of a cent on every can made, it’s to help hold your little straw and stop it from flying away (or something).

Can straw
Nice work, hairy handed man. Image credit: Getty