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Your Best Friend Might Not Know What You Look Like

Dogs may be excited when you walk into a room but it turns out they don’t care much about your face.

A study conducted in Hungary and Mexico monitored pooch brain activity and found that activity didn't change when dogs were shown the back or front of a human head.

Researchers played different types of video clips for the dogs to view: the front or back of a human head and the front or back of a dog head. No cats were shown out of respect for the subjects.

According to Sciencenews.org, earlier studies have found humans differ from dogs and find faces more captivating by comparison, whereas dogs "didn't seem to care about faces" and "no brain areas had greater activity when viewing a face compared with the back of a head".

When a human is shown a face, either human or dog, their visual systems became active. However, these brain areas were quieter when humans saw the backs of heads.

Basically we tell the difference between a full head of hair and a face – thankfully! Whereas the pupperinos in this study did not.

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This means a dog pretty much sees everyone as this chick from The Ring.

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How do they sleep all day?!

Or maybe they see two faces like that weird teacher acting as a surrogate to Voldemort in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone.

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Is every living moment a nightmare for dogs?

No wonder my dogs bark at the mailman…they see this guy delivering my latest ISO purchase.

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I think I prefer no face to two.

I might stop yelling at my dogs for barking at the mailman. I'm definitely going to stop bothering to turn around to face them when I do yell anyway.

Before you get too sad about the fact your dog has never appreciated your psychotic smiles at their slightest movements, it’s important to remember the study measured brain response, not behaviour.

They may not be able to recognise your face straight away but, according to Sciencenews.org, there are some studies that have shown they can read facial cues.

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Look into my eyes. As long as I'm constantly blinking you know it's me!

So, the moment you crack a smile they are 50% (I made that number up, it could be 1%) sure it’s not a new pair of chompers you’ve grown on the back of your head and that you are in fact happy to see their goofy faces.