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You Can Play Golf But You Cannot Go The Toilet

When you’ve gotta golf, you’ve gotta golf.

Restrictions eased slightly in Victoria yesterday. Folks in and around Melbourne can now travel 15kms from their homes for the big five reasons to leave the house, and some sports are back on the table. Tennis, golf and boating are all up and running again. There is one catch though, it seems as though golfers will not be allowed to access club toilets.

Governing body Golf Australia sent a letter out to clubs letting them know that while you could take your putter onto the course, you couldn’t putter your way into the club toilets. They were informed that toilets “must remain closed at your facility.”

The letter from Golf Australia went on to say “This is different from previous advice received on this topic, and we will make urgent representations to government on this point as we understand full well that this is a significant impost.” Let us take a moment to enjoy the use of the word ‘impost’ in that sentence. ‘Impost’ doesn’t often get a run these days, fun to see it pop up here.

Speaking to The Age a bunch of players at the Albert Park Golf Course, pretty understandably, found the toilet ban to be “quite ridiculous”. At Albert Park Shane Nolan said that “It’s a bit ridiculous to say that you can’t have access to a toilet.” It should be noted that Albert Park Golf Course has access to public toilets that are still able to be used.

Shane added that it might be more of an issue for women than for the fellas. “Unfortunately, most blokes will probably just tip it in the trees by the sounds of things.” Unlike previously when fellas definitely would walk all the way back up to the clubhouse every time nature called.