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Yes, North West Really Did Paint That Painting

The Internet erupted in scepticism when Kim Kardashian posted a pic of her daughter's art.

Drama on the internet moves FAST.

You can go to a movie, enjoy it, leave the cinema, check your phone and then throw up in the street from mental whiplash because the world changed so quickly.

And you know what else is true? Being an artist is HARD. It is an utter slog and you receive a severe lack of respect for your talents despite evidence for its importance being literally everywhere.

Unfortunately, North West is learning this lesson early. Her mother, Kim Kardashian posted (a since taken down) picture of one of her creations from art class:


Pretty impressive from a 7-year-old. Especially one that signs in such a 7-year-old way, suggesting that she does not have the hand-eye coordination for these two things to align. Right?

Wrong! In less than 24 hours things have flipped and the world is not the same. Let the journalism begin!


Same art class??? Hang on a second, is someone out there teaching kids how to paint really well and I’m just sitting here like a chump with my biro and notepad???

Behold. The final buck stop.

And just like that, the status quo is restored. Artists and mums - don’t mess with them.