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Would You Pass The New Australian Citizenship Test?

The Federal Government is about to introduce some new questions for people looking to call Australia home.

Questions such as 'Should people’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression be respected in Australia?' will soon be on the test. And if you don’t get them 100 percent right: you’re out! Well, maybe not out, you just gotta take the test again I guess.

Examples of the questions in question (see what I did there?) are as follows:

• Why is it important that all Australian citizens vote to elect the state and federal parliament?

• Should people in Australia make an effort to learn English?

• In Australia, can you encourage violence against a person or group of people if you have been insulted?

• Should people tolerate one another where they find that they disagree?

• In Australia, are people free to choose who they marry or not marry?

• In Australia, is it acceptable for a husband to be violent towards his wife if she has disobeyed or disrespected him?

• In Australia, do religious laws override Australian law?

• Do you agree that men and women should be provided equality of opportunity when pursuing their goals and interests?

• Should people’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression be respected in Australia?

Would you get the green light? Image: AAP.

But surely these questions would be pretty easy to get around? It’s like when you go to the USA and they ask you if you're a terrorist or if you’re carrying large quantities of drugs into the nation. Who is answering 'yes' to those questions? Is there a person with 50 kilos of heroin on the plane, saying “Oh, you got me! I could never lie on the dear customs form!”

So if, for example, you’re someone who thinks you shouldn’t get to choose who to marry. Because, I dunno, you think everyone should have to marry their cat for instance. Wouldn't it be easy to just lie? Who is getting caught out by these questions?

Is it because the questions are simply supposed to make regular Aussies feel better? So we can say we are doing everything we can to keep out bad eggs? Is it for legal reasons to cover our butts if someone comes in and then tries to get rid of freedom of speech? Or is it a subtle nod to racism and bigotry that’s simmering under the surface of our nation, trying to make us afraid that people from other countries are potentially going to destroy our society?

Good luck on the test.