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It’s Coming Home – England Celebrate As The World Cup Enters Final Stages

Four European teams will face off in the semi-finals.

English fans are excited and they haven't even won the Cup yet.

Image 2018 © Press Association Images

It’s coming home.

It’s coming home.

Football’s coming home.

Rowdy scenes overnight as England fans sang up a storm around the UK as the Three Lions scored a hearty victory over Sweden, winning 2-0.

England are on their way to their first semi-final since 1990 where they’ll face Croatia; who took out the host nation Russia in a penalty shootout.

The winner of Croatia and England will face France or Belgium, who face off on July 10th.

Croatia and Belgium have never been in a World Cup final before; France last took home the Cup in 1998 and England have fallen short every year since they won in 1966. England has easily been the loudest of the nations though with their fans seemingly trying to win some kind of World Cup of rowdiness.

After England toppled Sweden, a group of English supporters stormed an IKEA singing their de facto anthem “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)” at the top of their lungs.

This is how loud they after winning a quarter final match. If they make it to the World Cup, who knows what department stores they’ll tear apart.