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Woolworths Employee Calls Out Shoppers’ ‘Disgusting’ Habit

A Woolworths employee named Jesse has taken to social media to scold customers for a “disgusting” habit.

A Reddit post by user headhunter2257 has called out customers who leave perishable items on shelves and not take them back to the fridges.

“Dear Melbourners, please stop doing this I work in replenishment at woolies it is disgusting,” the post is captioned.

The attached image shows a bottle of juice, usually stocked in the fridge section, left on a shelf of baby wipes by a customer.

The post has since received hundreds of comments, with many other retail workers sharing their own tales of finding perished items on shelves.

“Worked at Coles while I was at Uni. Found both a used nappy and a used pregnancy test on shelves. Both big nopes on a Supermarket wage,” replied user Sindef.

“Worst find I had working night fill was a mostly eaten whole roast chicken. Imagine walking around a supermarket eating a whole god damn chicken and then stuffing its carcass into a shelf of instant noodles. Class,” shared enhancedgibbon.