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Women (Who Isn’t Engaged Yet) Reveals 13 Strict Rules For Her Wedding Guests

Step 1: Plan the wedding. Step 2: ?. Step 3: Get engaged.

TikTok user Kennedy Marks has sparked debate online, revealing her 13 strict rules for her wedding guests. Side note, she’s not yet engaged.  

Regardless, Ms Marks has been planning her wedding since she was 8 years old, says in the video, “weddings are just so expensive, that I’m going to be a perfectionist on the day”. 

The first rule, a super simple request, no-one else is to wear white. Fair enough. But what happens if they do?  

“My bridesmaids are under very strict instructions that if someone comes in wearing white, a bottle of red wine will be poured on you and you will be getting out before I see you,” she said. 

Harsh punishment, which makes you wonder what will happen if you break rule number 2. No word on the actions bridesmaid will be forced to carry out on this one.  

I think we can all agree on #7. No boring people. Ms Marks says if you’re not going to have fun, get out.  

“If you’re going to sit on a chair all night, whilst we’re all dancing on the dance floor, obviously if you’re ill or something I’ll let you off. But if you’re just going to sit there and complain, or just be miserable or sad, I just don’t want you at my celebration”. 

  1. No one else wearing white. 
  2. No children (unless approved).
  3. Don’t assume an invitation for a plus one.
  4. No big announcements.
  5. No one to use the microphone unless approved.
  6. Don’t stress me out, ask my mum.
  7. No boring people.
  8. If me or Rhys have never met you, you aren’t coming.
  9. No rudeness to staff or you’re out.
  10. No phones in the ceremony.
  11. Anyone on the dancefloor on my first dance will be dragged off.
  12. Guests wear whatever you’re comfortable in.
  13. Full use of my photographer after my photos.

Part 1 of her video can be viewed here, and part two here