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Woman Turns Green Thanks to Out of Date Tanning Lotion

The Young Mum Went From Looking Like Casper to Shrek

If you were thinking of whipping out a bottle of out of date fake tan to help get your skin glowing maybe think again. Oh, you’ll definitely be glowing, but as a young mum in the UK found out, you’ll look practically radioactive.

20-year-old Kerry McRobb was feeling a little sick of looking like “Casper the friendly ghost” (her words, not ours) and rummaged through the cupboards for a bottle of fake tan.

She found an old bottle of St Moriz in the shade of Darker than Dark, which really feels like a very UK move, going from being virtually translucent to a shade that couldn’t possibly pass as being natural on you.

Problem was this bottle might have been a touch out of date. Kerry still slapped it on but as it dried she said the colour got ‘worse and worse’. She had noticed that it was a little green when she was applying it but kept going, which is a handy tip for anybody in a similar situation. If the fake tan you’re applying is the colour of frog, stop.

Kerry doubled down and put two layers on and left it overnight. While taking photos of her new look she started to notice it was a little off. It was a little greener than it should be. Kerry sent some photos to friends who responded in the way all supportive friends should – by saying she looked like Shrek.

The best part – Kerry is Scottish, so she’s already go the Shrek accent down pat. Kerry didn’t like the Shrek comparison though, she said she thought she looked more like Shrek’s wife Princess Fiona. But as we all know, if you’re the one who has accidentally painted yourself green, you don’t get to be the one to say what you look like.

Kerry’s big take away from the whole Shrek transformation: “This is my sign to stop fake tanning and get back to sunbeds asap.” Which isn’t really the lesson. The lesson is simply don’t use out of date tanning products.