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Woman Shocks The Internet After Admitting She Likes To Sleep In Jeans

A woman has caused quite a stir on TikTok after admitting she voluntarily opts to wear jeans to bed. Essentially the most uncomfortable clothing.

Understandably, her comments section went bonkers.

Most regular folk slip into a lovely soft, loose pair of pyjama pants or sweatpants to sleep in. However, a TikToker has admitted she opts for the most uncomfortable pants of all time - jeans.

Her video, which has been viewed 271,000 times, showed Julia revealing a shocking revelation in a video titled: "Can't believe i'm exposing myself like this".

It's safe to say people in the comments were baffled by her voluntarily choosing possibly the most uncomfortable clothing to sleep in.

One user commented, "I don't even enjoy wearing jeans during the day lol."

But, not everyone was as shocked – one person even agreed, writing: "sleeping in jeans really isn't that bad tbh."

What was most concerning is that she did not even offer a reason for why she likes to sleep in jeans, leaving us with many unanswered questions. Does she have bed jeans? Does she change from other pants into jeans to sleep? Who knows.

Would you sleep in jeans?