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Woman Reveals She Went On 16 Dates Back To Back Just For The ‘Free Food’

Strapped for cash and hungry? This woman went on 16 dates in a row so she could eat out at restaurants 16 times for someone else's money.

Taking to TikTok, this single woman shared her 'hack' for going on back-to-back dates when she had no money to eat.

Mccall Brock said she would go on dates with men to eat as she "ran out of money for food."

Mccall wrote over the video that:

"In college, when I ran out of money for food, I went on a dating app, and for 16 days, I had 16 dinner dates in a row... girl gotta eat," 

Of course, the comments section was divided, with many commenters stating it's "not cool" to use people for their money.

Others dubbed the video "anti-feminist". 

Brock confirmed in the comments section that all of the dates were with men who "asked her" on the date, not the other way around, which doesn't seem to make much of a difference? 

So what do you think, genius or rude?