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Woman Regains Sense Of Smell After Having COVID

Losing the senses of taste and smell are two of the most common symptoms of COVID.

But a woman in the U.K. is smelling the roses after COVID returned her sense of smell, following a bout of the virus over the Christmas period.

Nancy Simpson, 25, has struggled to smell things since she was a child.

But now, her home is filled with scented candles and her food is filled with herbs and spices as she enjoys her new fifth sense.

“I could still taste before but now food tastes amazing,” Simpson told The Sun.

“The things I really like smelling are fruit, fruity scents, candles, and using herbs in my cooking – I’m just storming through those now. I wear my perfume more and burn candles more.

“I didn’t really like to eat salmon but now I really like it, so we’re going to try foods I didn’t like before and see how I feel about them now.”

Losing the sense of smell from COVID occurs when the virus attacks nerves in the nose, stopping them from sending signals to the brain.

While many recovers their sense of smell as they recover, others have reported a long-term loss of smell and taste due to COVID.